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BDSM Toys and Bondage Gear


For many sex partners, acting out BDSM fantasies, using bondage gear, fetish clothing, and a variety of kinky sex toys is a way to make their sex life sizzle as they explore their bondage journey. Jump out of the pages of Fifty Shades of Grey to create your own naughty Red Room of Pain and Pleasure, with our collection of BDSM and bondage gear toys for every experience level. Read on to find out some of our favorite bondage sex toys and to find out our best bondage toy recommendations.

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What are Bondage and BDSM toys?

Fetish and bondage toys are often used by a dominant ‘top’ partner ( ‘Master’ or ‘Mistress’) to lovingly inflict pain or restrain their submissive partner in BDSM relationships. The BDSM life often involves kinky couples in committed relationships, but many kinksters play outside the relationship as well to explore a wide variety of BDSM Games.

Bondage Toys: Common types of bondage toys include wrist and ankle cuffs, mouth gags, blindfolds, and bedroom restraining toys. We carry a huge collection of bondage gear including fun bondage games to add to your bondage repertoire and bondage starter kit toys for beginners. For more advanced players we also have kinky toys like cock cages, and anal hooks used in suspension play.

Restraints and Rope: The types of restraints and ropes one can use include bondage tape, spreader bars, and male chastity belts and chastity cages for CBT. Other restraints include bed restraints for bedroom bondage, arm restraints, as well as spreader bar BDSM toys.

Ball Gags: Ball gags are fairly popular kinky toys and are used to gag your partner during play.

Chastity Devices and CBT Toys: Chastity toys go around the penis and testicles, restraining a man from getting an erection. Cock and Ball Torture devices and ball toys tease, taunt and torture a man’s scrotum and penis in various ways. These types of toys are not for beginners usually and should only be used depending on your level of experience. Cock rings are perfect for beginners.

Anal Toys: From anal beads and butt plugs to the evil-looking anal hook, couples and singles alike enjoy experimenting with anal play in BDSM scenes. Some of our most popular anal toys are the black anal butt plug and the inflatable anal butt plug for anal training.

Leather Wear and Gear: The sexy fantasy of fetish bondage often includes strict leather wear and gear like a posture collar. For vegans, there are also faux leather options.

Nipple Play: Nipple toys include nipple clamps that constrict the nipples and nipple suckers.

Genital Clamps: Genital clamps are more extreme BDSM toys used for pussy torture.

Sensation Play: Sensation play toys include products like a feathery-soft tickler, massage candles, and hot wax or ice cubes.

Collars and Leashes: Made of a wide variety of materials, of various lengths and strengths, some collars and leashes are easy to snap on, others more intricate for the advanced kinky bondage player.

Blindfolds and Hoods: Taking away someone’s sight with a blindfold or sexy hood robs them of one of their most important senses, their sight.

Whips, Paddles, Floggers, & Canes: Spanking, flogging, whipping, or otherwise ‘warming’ the skin of your partner via impact play is one of the most popular forms of BDSM sex play. Luckily there are a bunch of different instruments one can use to deliver a right spanking from floggers to whips and other naughty equipment for impact play.

Electrical Play (Electosex Toys): This type of powered sex machine delivers a jolt of electricity to awaken the senses.

Other BDSM Equipment: Bondage sex swings, bondage furniture, and other sex furniture can be used for kinky BDSM play. Bondage sex toys also come in bondage kits for the bondage beginner, with products like a ball gag, bondage cuffs, and blindfolds for sensory deprivation, and the advanced bondage kit for the bondage expert with bondage nipple clamps and bondage masks. At Sextoys UK we carry a large collection of extreme bondage gear for all your bondage fantasies.


Bondage Safety: Do's and Dont's

  • Never put any rope or restraining product around a person's neck.
  • Use safe words like "Yellow" (to slow down) and "Red" (to stop).
  • Stop play immediately if someone is in serious pain.
  • Only share toys with someone you are fluid bonded with, and always use a regulated toy cleaner to keep them clean.

Shop at SexToys UK

While Sextoys UK carries a large range of BDSM toys and bondage gear, we also carry a great assortment of adult sex toys for everyone, from butt plugs, to chic bondage jewelry, and nipple clamps. For male sex toys, we carry a wide range of penis pumps, male masturbation toys, penis enlargers, and the trusty adjustable cock ring for stamina. Our wide variety of female sex toys includes bullet vibrators, nipple suckers, and ben wa balls. In the Toys for Couples category, we carry feather ticklers, sex swings, and electro sex sets. Our anal toys include butt plugs, anal plugs, and anal vibrators. Get sexy and play dress up in bedroom lingerie, bra sets, and other sexy plus size role play costumes. And, don't forget our selection of water-based lubes, and sex enhancer products to keep everything slippery and wet.