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Male Sex Toys


Explore our selection of powerful male sex toys designed to provide extra pleasure and enhanced sensations. Enjoy realistic shapes and lifelike textures combined with impressive suction action and vibration mode variety.

Remote controlled, sucking or vibrating, most of these toys are made to play hard. Others are soft and sensual, tailored to stimulate thousands of nerve endings in your most sensitive areas for explosive orgasms.

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The Best Sex Toys for Men

Nowadays, when self-care is an important concept for sexual health and well-being, masturbation lightweight devices and sex toys for couple play are a must-have for solo and partnered fun sessions.

Incorporating a masturbation sleeve, vibrator sex toy, sensual dildo, penis ring or butt toy into your sex life routine offers many health benefits. Such as enhanced well-being, stress relief, extra sensations, ultimate pleasure and exciting sexual experiences.

According to experts, orgasmic experiences improve sleep quality, reduce stress, relieve pain, boost immunity and brain power. All of that regardless of a person's age. Sex toys for couples can help lovers enjoy intimacy and achieve orgasm when penetration sex becomes difficult or impossible.

With the huge variety of options available, finding your ideal male sex toy can be a pleasurable experience or a daunting task. If you're exploring your options, you might be asking yourself, which are the most popular sex toys?

A survey conducted by a U.S. university showed that about 50% of respondents who used sex toys considered vibrators the best male sex toy to improve sexual function.

Among other popular options are cock rings, anal-safe dildos, disposable masturbators, prostate massaging and penis pump devices. As well as male masturbator sleeves such as Fleshlight's Pink Lady.

Whatever your choose, don't forget to pair it with a high-quality water based lube for a smooth ride and pleasurable experience.

Cock, Balls and Butt Toys for Better Sex Life and Masturbation

When it comes to men's sex toys, sex experts and enthusiasts usually consider four main categories: cock, balls, butt toys and bondage gear for penis stimulation. While each category offers almost endless possibilities for pleasure, usage and features of the adult toys vary significantly.

Want to know which is the most beneficial for your needs? Check our list of the most popular toys from each category and their respective benefits:

  • Cock Rings - Stretchy cock rings help optimize your sexual experience. They offers enhanced size and girth to your member. Ultra-comfortable, they go around your balls, allowing you to maintain long-lasting erections. Get yourself a cock ring set or vibrating cock ring, pair it with an inflatable dildo or butt plug for additional delight and enjoy intense vibrations.
  • Prostate Massagers - This category includes a wide variety of options for prostate massaging. From app-controlled devices with a small vibrating bullet to ergonomic anal stimulator models powered by dual motors for explosive prostate stimulation. When choosing your ideal prostate vibrator focus on special features and desired shape for enhanced sensations.
  • Masturbators - Also known as a pocket pussy, male stroker or stamina training unit, a male masturbator is at the cutting edge of adult sex toys. These lightweight devices offer real-feel mouth, vagina and ass vagina interiors for mind-blowing penetration and blow job experiences. Ergonomic shapes, original vacuum features, multiple vibration and suction settings are at your service!
  • Cock Extenders - These functional toys come in a variety of textures and styles. Penis-owners can use them to add extra girth and length to their member and please their partners with incredible textures for fresh, new sensations. Despite their simple, basic shape, these toys will please the penetrated partner with carnal pleasure. They can also help people with erectile dysfunction.
  • Dildos and Strap-Ons - This category offers all kind of dildos, suitable for anal pleasure sessions and hot couple's play. Double ended dildo models, hollow strap-ons to please your partner with an exciting delight of extra girth, vibrating anal dildos, larger dildos with powerful vibration patterns and special features. Whatever dildo design you need, we have it! Made from body-safe materials, most of these toys are suitable for people with sensitive skin.
  • Butt Plugs and Anal Beads - Anal sex toys and stimulators are made to provide a delicate training and stimulate the anal sphincter. Butt plugs are recommended for beginners who want to experiment with anal play. The most popular options include anal beads for popping delights, anal butt plugs for additional sensations and spreader butt plug sets for training. Get yourself a variety pack and enjoy endless fun!
  • Role-play and Bondage - If you're ready to explore new levels of pleasure, role-play and bondage are a great way to take your sex life to new heights. Any fetish fantasy you may have for intercourse satisfaction can become reality with hot bondage play! This category offers sexy leather bondage, nipple clamps, chastity cage devices and more. Bondage toys are the perfect option for a romantic gift you'll enjoy during steamy couple play.

Cock, Ball and Butt Toys: Prostate Orgasms and Other Health Benefits

All male sex toys, from the most simplistic to ultimate high-tech devices, are designed to improve sexual experience.

The benefits of enhanced sexual pleasure for physical and mental well-being are enormous. Recent studies show that people who reach a climax during intercourse or masturbation on a regular basis have a reduced risk of developing cancer and other lifestyle-caused conditions.

Anal stimulators, dildos and inflatable butt plugs are ideal for effective prostate massages. They can reach and massage the prostate gland, leading to more intense orgasms. This kind of deep massage also helps to ease inflammation and relieve symptoms of prostate conditions.

Thanks to high-edge technology, many adult sex toys come with multiple suction and vibration modes. Stimulator, dildo and butt plug designs offer a wide variety of remote controlled options and customizable vibration settings.

How to Choose The Right Toy: Materials and Orgasmic Functions

When choosing your ideal male sex toy, make sure it's manufactured from skin-safe, non-toxic materials. Such as high-quality silicone, premium glass, steel or medical-grade plastic. These are some of the most body-safe and hypoallergenic options, ideal for people with allergic conditions. Jelly and rubber are more difficult to clean and can degrade over time.

Whatever you're seeking - a sensual dildo, app-controlled masturbator, prostate massager, inflatable butt plug or sleeve for erectile dysfunction support - check the list of ingredients used to craft the toy before making a purchase. Remember to pair your toy with a suitable lubricant.

If you're looking for specific features, such as isolated vibrations or suction action, get a high-tech device with multiple suction and vibration models. Make sure the device buttons are placed in the right place so you can comfortably reach the control panel while in action. All the orgasmic benefits and vibration setting options will be of no use if you can't easily reach them.

People with medical conditions such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction in adult men may want to seek expert advice. Doing so may be crucial for making the right choice. Don't hesitate to contact us or visit your local sexual health clinic for additional information and guidance if needed.

Male Sex Toys FAQs

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