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Pride essentials for Homosexual men


Pack your bags boys, PRIDE is here and we've got your best picks for gay pleasure this month.

Be sexy, be fun, be you, and do it with pride

First things first, you are probably here for sexual pleasure purposes, but it’s important to remember that Pride month is about so much more than getting your rocks off and enjoying lots of hot sex. 

The entire month of June is dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ communities around the world for two key reasons: to celebrate LGBTQI+ joy in all its glory, so now is the time to be your authentic self, and to commemorate historic and ongoing struggles in the process. 

But while it’s important to respect the history of Pride month and pay homage to your LGBTQI+ friends who paved the way for you to be here now living your fabulous life, it’s also a time to have fun, too. So strap on your rainbow thong and reach for your rainbow swirl dildo and don’t forget to do it with pride.

Men's Rainbow Thong

Why use a toy?

While you absolutely should hit the parades, go to the clubs, be visible and join your friends in a global celebration of Pride, it’s also a good time to add sex toys into the mix. Say what? Trust us, while human touch is undeniably great, gay sex toys can elevate your pleasure and make the entire month even more joyful with a rainbow assortment of toys this Pride. Can I get an amen?

Increased sensation

Sure, sex is great. But have you tried augmenting your love life with a gadget? Sex toys have been designed to stimulate, heighten, stretch, strengthen, prolong and enhance sensation and boy do they deliver. While you can achieve all manner of fun things with your body, a well-chosen sex toy can take the sensation up a notch and make your orgasms faster, stronger, longer and more powerful, and we are here for it.


If you’re new to the world of sexual exploration, the inclusion of a sex toy can go a long way to helping you work out what makes you tick. Are you a top or a bottom, do you like it hard and fast or soft and gentle and what makes you feel good? The only real way to find out is to experiment. And the very best way to do that is with sex toys first, before you graduate to the real thing. So get stuck in and try out all the toys for size, and you might be surprised by what you learn about yourself along the way.

Helps with erectile dysfunction

Do you struggle to stay hard? You’re not alone. If a stonking hard erection is your goal but you’re an overthinker or you have a medical reason for not always getting the erection of your dreams, you can use a sex toy to train your member to stand to attention. And if you want to increase your penis size too, we’ve got you covered. Use a penis pump to power up your tool or strap on an extender to role play the big daddy of your dreams. 

Helps build confidence if you’re newly out

If you’re brand new to the scene and not sure where to start, think of sex toys as the mentor and let them guide you on your journey to finding your sexual nirvana. Do you prefer the feel of authentic blow jobs, are you an ass man or does prostate play make your eyes water? The truth is you won’t know until you try. So, find the shoe that fits and put your pleasure centre-stage. Once you’ve tried out all the best toys you can apply your findings in the real world! So think of sex toys as training tools.



PDX Fuck Me Silly To Go - Tight Ass Fuck Hole

5 star Ass sleeve



Anal play

Tempted to try anal play but not sure what you can handle? Using graduated silicone butt plugs to work your way up to the main event means you can go large safely and slowly. Start with the small plug and work your way up, before graduating to the real thing. Just don’t forget the lube.

Anal douching

Let’s be frank, if bum fun is on the agenda, you need to keep things clean before you proceed so there are no nasty surprises on the night. This simple but effective anal douche kit will ensure your orifices are nice and fresh before you start exploring. Put simply it’s a home enema kit, but it will save you a world of embarrassment down the line.

Anal lubricant

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, anal lube is your best friend! So buy it in bulk and apply liberally to ensure a slippery, safe and enjoyable sex session for all parties involved. And never forget the most important rule: Your backdoor is not self lubricating, so you need to stock up on plenty of anal lube before you get started.



Bored of rubbing one out every night and hoping for some new sensations? While you can have a lot of fun with your own hand, adding a stroker into the mix can have surprisingly effective results. Thanks to well placed silicone ridges, slip your dick into one of these bad boys and you’ll get a hand job with a difference. Designed to stimulate your frenulum while gripping your shaft firmly in just the right way, with the help of a penis sleeve you’re in for a treat.

Penis pumps

Keen to meet the man of your dreams but worried about the size of your schlong? If girth, length or reliability on the night is causing you concern, you’d be wise to invest in a penis pump.
These handheld vacuums are designed to boost blood flow to your shaft, and promise to make your dick look (and feel) bigger in the heat of the moment. Thanks to the power of hydraulics, The Bathmate Hercules will boost the length and girth of your member and give you the confidence to party all night with pride. It can also help with erectile dysfunction too, so pump it up and you might be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Have fun and happy pride!