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Buy Male Sex Toys from the UK’s leading online adult toys shop and choose from popular sex toys for men like artificial vaginas, Fleshlight, penis pumps and cock rings. Shop our huge range of different male sex toys today and remember that all our sex toys for men come with a one year product guarantee.

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Loving Joy Boss Penis Sleeve

Boss Textured Penis Sleeve

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Browse our huge range of the best Male Sex Toys from Fleshlight and Tenga to Cock Rings, Masturbation Aids and Prostate Massagers. Each of our Male Sex Toy products has genine customer reviews to help you with your purchase. We sell sex toys for gay men and straight guys, for adult fun with your partner or solo. This page is dedicated for those with a manhood.

Check out our information sheets on Male Sex Toys for advice on Cock Pumps, Cock Rings, Artificial Vaginas and Fleshlight, where we discuss the best Fleshlights and the Girls range (masturbation aids molded directly from Porn Stars).

If you are looking for gay Sex Toys for Men, then take a look at our full range of Gay Sex Toys.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Male Sex Toy?

A Male Sex Toy is usually a masturbation aid, prostate massager or any device that is designed to enhance male masturbation and male sexual pleasure. There are many different types of sex toys for men, including male masturbators, penis sleeves, prostate massagers and cock rings. Here at we have a huge range of Male Sex Toys that will be sure to increase your sexual satisfaction!

What is the best male sex toy?

Here is a brief list of our best sex toys for men based on what our customers have bought in the past:

  1. Loving Joy Realistic Blow Job Masturbator – £24.95 – This is our most realistic male masturbator with a mouth orifice. It features an extremely realistic mouth with a tongue, some tonsils and even some pearly white teeth. It has been designed to give you the most realistic blow job sensation possible.

  2. REV1000 Rotating Male Masturbator – £106.00 – The REV1000 is our bestselling male vibrator. The REV1000 rotates with 7 different speeds and 7 different functions, giving the user a total of 49 combinations to try out! The male vibrator is rechargeable and has been ergonomically designed to be extremely easy to use.

  3. Tenga Deep Throat Vacuum Cup – £12.95 – This Tenga male sex toy creates a deep sucking sensation that is made possible by a very unique internal structure. The TENGA Cup comes pre-lubricated so is ready to go as soon as you receive it!

  4. Svakom Hedy Egg Masturbator – £7.95 – The Hedy is an egg-shaped male masturbator that is made from stretchy TPE. The masturbation aid is designed to go over your penis whilst you masturbate, and its ribbed internal structure massages your member.

  5. Loving Joy Boss Textured Penis Sleeve – £14.95 – This textured penis sleeve can increase penis girth by up to 25! It features a ball loop that helps keep your penis in place. It also has an external texture for your partners pleasure, as well as internal nodules for the wearers pleasure.

  6. Svakom Vick Remote Control Prostate Massager – £74.95 – The Svakom Vick is our bestselling remote-controlled prostate massager. It is completely waterproof, USB rechargeable, and features extremely strong vibrations.

  7. Penis Enlarger Pump – £13.95 – This is our most popular penis pump, it is cheap and extremely easy to use. It features a see-thru plastic tube, so you can watch your penis grow with every pump!

  8. Loving Joy Anal Douche £9.95 – The Loving Joy Anal Douche is our most popular douche. The black douche is perfect for cleansing before anal sex and features a bulb that can hold up to 225 ml of liquid!

  9. Fleshlight Stamina Value Pack – £74.95 – The Fleshlight Stamina Training pack is our best Fleshlight, and also one of our most popular sex toys for men. The kit comes with everything that you need to get started and to keep your Fleshlight in tip top condition

  10. Loving Joy Real Feel Pleasure Pocket Pussy – £12.95 – The Loving Joy Pleasure Masturbator is small and discreet so can be easily hidden away. It is made from lifelike TPE, making it feel just like the real thing. The reusable male masturbator has internal ribbing for additional stimulation.

  11. Bound to Please Metal Cock and Ball Ring 45 mm – £14.95 – This rigid, metal cock and ball ring is designed to enhance your erection and delay ejaculation. Warm up or cool down this penis ring in a bowl of water and indulge in some temperature play. This love ring is designed to be worn at the base of the penis and under the testicles. Easy to clean and hygienic, this metal penis ring won’t let you down!

  12. Loving Joy Mighty 3 Inch Penis Extension with Ball Loop – £14.95 – This high quality TPE penis extension will increase your length by three inches and can increase girth by up to 25% depending on base girth. The ball loop is designed to keep the extender in place and is also clear, so you can see your penis through it. When using this penis sleeve with your partner remember to use with plenty of water-based lubricant!

  13. Impound Gladiator Male Chastity Device – £39.95 – Impound is a range of high quality male cock cages that quickly became some of our best-selling chastity devices of all time. What makes the Impound range so different from any other cock cages is that they feature three different sized base rings. This means that the wearer will be able to find the most comfortable size for their penis. Grab the Impound Gladiator and try some denial play with your partner today!

  14. Bound to Please Glans Ring – £9.95 – This rigid stainless-steel love ring is designed to be worn tightly under your penis head. The metal ball applies pressure to the frenulum giving you a firmer helmet, longer erection, and a more intense orgasm. Grab a Glans Ring today and add some bling to your ding!

  15. Male Sex Toy Secret Swag Bag – £24.95 – The swag bag sex toys for men bundle will give you everything you need to get going. The swag bag consists of a selection of male sex toys to allow you to get started. If you are unsure what you are looking for then this little bag of randomly selected goodies is perfect. The male sex toys swag bag contains approximately £50 of goods for only £24.95! So grab yourself some cheap male sex toys today!

If you can’t find what you are looking for then take a look at our best sex toys for men here.

How to use male sex toys?

Male sex toys are usually very straight forward and easy to use. Here is a quick male sex toy tutorial on how to use different types of sex toys for men. If you need more information on how to use a male sex toy take a look at the instructions or the back of the product packaging.

How to use a penis sleeve

Penis Sleeves – Penis sleeves are designed to add extra stimulation to the wearer and their partner. Some penis sleeves increase length, and most of them also increase girth. Using a penis sleeve is very easy, all you need to do is lubricant your penis and the inside of the sleeve and then slide it over your member. If the pleasure sleeve has a ball loop, then gently pop your balls through there for additional comfort.

What is a male anal sex toy?

A male anal sex toy is something that is inserted into the anus, this can be a butt plug or some anal beads. However, they are primarily prostate massagers, which are male anal sex toys that have been specifically designed to stimulate and massage the male P-Spot or prostate gland.

How to use a male masturbator

When using a male masturbator always use lubricant, as this will reduce friction and prevent injury. Once your male masturbator and member are both lubricated slide your penis into the orifice and then either thrust or move the male masturbator with your hand in an up and down motion.

What are the different types of Sex Toys for Men?
Here is a brief outline about the different types of Male Sex Toys, if you want to find out more information on a particular type then click on the product category for a full outline about it:

  • Male MasturbatorsMale masturbators are sex toys that have been designed to increase sexual pleasure. They usually take the form of an artificial vagina, however masturbators also come in the form of mouths, anus’, and the ever more popular non-realistic design that would just feature an entrance hole for your penis. They are extremely easy to use whilst playing with yourself. Simply put your penis into the hole and then use the sex toy just like you would when jerking off.

  • Penis Sleeves – Penis sleeve are designed to go over your penis, giving your penis more girth, or in some cases more length. They are great to use with your partner as some feature additional textures that enhance pleasure to both you and your partners erogenous zones.

  • Prostate MassagersProstate massagers are male anal sex toys that feature a curved tip. This tip is purposefully curved to apply pressure to the male P-Spot. Using a prostate massager can lead to enhanced orgasms and even the Super Orgasm, which is a full body male orgasm.

  • Penis rings – Cock rings, love rings, and penis rings are designed to reduce the blood from flowing out of the penis. They do this by apply pressure to the blood vessels making them slightly tighter and reducing the amount of blood that can flow through them. This then gives you a stronger and firmer erection and can even delay ejaculation.

  • Penis Pumps – Penis pumps are devices that are designed to increase the size of your penis. Pumps work by creating a vacuum and drawing more blood to the penis giving you a bigger, and stronger erection. The effect of a penis pump are short term, so will only be visible for a couple of days.

  • Penis Enlargers – Penis enlargers are also designed to increase the size of your penis, however, unlike pumps, they are designed to give you permeant penis growth. They work by using a technique that continuously stretches the penis called penis traction. Using this method over a few months can lead to increased size by cytokineses, which is where new cells are created making the penis bigger. Penis enlargers were originally created to cure Peyronie’s disease, which is where the penis curves. Users then noticed and increase in the size of their penis as a side effect, so today penis extenders are sold as permanent penis growth devices, with some companies being so certain in their technology that they offer a double money back guarantee if you do not experience any growth.

  • Sex Dolls – A sex doll is a type of sex toy that resembles the form of a human body. They are used as a masturbation aid and usually have a face, arms, legs and a torso. They are usually inflatable, making them easy to store, and bring out as and when you need them. However in recent years more realistic luxury love dolls have emerged, and become very popular. These are usually made from silicone, or life like materials like TPE. They are heavier and look much more realistic than blow up love dolls.

  • Men’s Sexy Underwear – Sexy Underwear for Men are briefs or boxer shorts that make you look like a stud. Designed to give your partner a nice surprise when you expose yourself in the bedroom.

How to use a cock ring

Cock Rings – There are multiple types of cock rings, wearing them and putting them on is easy to do. Simply add a tiny amount of lubricant to the penis ring and then slide it on to your penis. Penis rings are designed to fit around the base of the penis which applies pressure to the surrounding area. The blood vessels carry blood out of the penis, so by squeezing them the blood takes longer to leave the penis, giving the wearer a stronger, harder, and longer lasting erection.

How to use Penis Pumps

Penis Pumps- Penis pumps are straight forward to use and quite self-explanatory. Simply insert your penis into the enlargement device and squeeze the bulb or handle to create a vacuum. The vacuum then draws more blood to the penis making it larger than before. To find out more about how to use a penis pump refer to the bottom of our penis pump page.

How to use inflatable Sex Dolls

– Inflatable sex dolls are extremely straight forward and easy to use. To begin; inflate the sex doll. This can be done by blowing it up with your mouth or a pump. Once inflated we strongly recommend lubricating yourself and the love doll to make insertion of your penis as comfortable and as easy as possible. Remember to wash down with soapy water after use, and always store in a cool dry place.

How to make a male sex toy?

Many men want to make a DIY sex toy, but this just isn’t necessary. Here at we have hundreds of different sex toys for men from cheap ones to more pricey ones, all of them have been specifically designed to enhance male masturbation. So buy a male sex toy today, and forget about trying to make your own.

What are gay sex toys?

Gay sex toys are adult toys that have been specifically designed to enhance gay sex, or solo masturbation. Here at we have a large selection of gay sex toys, including Anal Dildos, Plugs, Prostate Massagers, and Men’s Sexy Underwear. If you would like to see our full range of gay sex toys click here.

What are male vibrators?

Male vibrators are a type of male sex toy that vibrates giving the user additional stimulation. Male vibrators can be used in the same way as other sex toys for men. When using them remember to use plenty of lubricant! To view all our male vibrators click here.

How do you clean a male sex toy?

Male sex toys are extremely easy to clean, and you can usually do so by washing in warm soapy water or with specifically formulated sex toy cleaner. We recommend that you clean your sex toy before and after use, and store in a cool dry place.

How to use Penis Extenders

Penis Extension Devices, like Male Edge, are some of the only products that give the user guaranteed permanent penis growth. Penis extenders are more complicated to use so we recommend you take a look at the male edge online training video that can be seen at the bottom of any of the male edge products.

By using one of our sex toys for men you can improve male masturbation and also increase self-pleasure. Try one of our male sex toys today that have been specifically designed to improve solo male masturbation.

How to use prostate massagers

Prostate massagers are straight forward and easy to use. Make sure that you clean the prostate massager before and after use. Remember to always use lubricant before inserting the prostate massager to make it insertion easier.

Where can I read male sex toy reviews?
Each product may have its own review which is indicated by the stars under the image. This will guide you in purchasing the right sex toy for you. We also have this collated together in our sex toy reviews page.