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How To Use Vibrating Love Eggs


Vibrating egg

A love egg is a type of vibrator that is usually egg or bullet shaped, this is why they are some time referred to as egg or bullet vibrators. These small and discreet sex toys are mainly used for internal stimulation, and will often feature a remote control.

Remote control love egg are more popular compared with old-school, generic love eggs. This is because there isn't a huge difference in cost, and the remote controlled vibrators can be used as couples sex toys.

Using a Vibrating Love Egg

Using vibrating love eggs is very straight forward, however the way in which you use it will depend on whether you are using it as a female sex toy or couples sex toy.

For Solo Masturbation Sessions

If you are using a love egg by yourself then you need to start off by playing around with your love egg, getting used to the different vibration functions, and also how to move through them. If your love egg has a remote control then play around with that and find out how you can move through the different functions.

Once you are comfortable with how your love egg works it is time to get aroused. Begin using the love egg on a low setting, and use it to massage your erogenous zones. Once you are aroused gently insert the love egg into your vagina. Once inserted move through the different vibrating functions, starting off slow, before moving to a more powerful one. Try combining a love egg with a clitoral vibrator for even more stimulation.

It is very likely that if it is your first time using a vibrating love egg then you will climax very quickly, so don't worry if you do! Remember to always clean your sex toys once you have finished with them.

For Partnered Play

Love eggs also make a great couples sex toy, so if you are using it for that then start off by massaging your partners nipples and inner thigh with it. Once you have sufficiently teased your partner you can insert it into her vagina. Once inserted continue to play with her erogenous zones. You can also penetrate her anally whilst the love egg is inserted vaginally, this will give you both even more pleasure.

If you have a remote controlled love egg then you can easily continue to control the vibrations during your sexual activity. Some people will even use love eggs in public places as it gives them more excitement.

If you have any more questions on how to use vibrating love eggs then please feel free to contact us and one of our sex toy experts will get back to you as soon as possible.