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Browse our large collection of sexcessories and anal sex toy essentials including anal lubricant, anal douches and enemas. Take a look at the best sex toy accessories for you to use with your butt plug or anal beads, or even when you are indulging in some anal penetration. Buy the best anal accessories today from the UK's leading online adult toys store, Sex Toys UK

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best anal essentials?

Here are some of the best anal essentials based on what our customers have bought in the past:

  1. Loving Joy Anal Douche – £9.95 – This is our best selling douche and is perfect to clean up your back side before you partake in any anal activities. The bulb is made from high quality soft PVC and the tip is made from firm ABS plastic so insertion is extremely easy.

  2. Lubdio Anal Lubricant 250ml – £7.95 – This aloe-infused water-based anal lubricant has an easy to use twist and pump dispenser. It is a thicker consistency compared to the classic Lubido water based lubricant making it much better for anal play.

  3. Dare Anal Desensitising Cream – £6.95 – This cream is great for pain free pleasure while you explore your forbidden territory. The anal desensitising cream numbs the anal area so you can enjoy an anal adventure without any discomfort.

  4. Sliquid Sassy Anal Lubricant 255 ml – £18.95 – This ultra thick water based lubricant is 100% vegan friendly, glycerine free and hypoallergenic. The thicker gel is designed to give the user more padding during anal intercourse, making a more pleasurable and enjoyable experience for both parties.

  5. Anal Blu Desensitizing Cream – £7.45 – The anal blue desensitizing gel is another cream that numbs your anus, allowing you to enjoy anal sex without any discomfort.

What products should I use before Anal Play?

Anal play is very exciting, arousing and can be an extremely satisfying form of sexual pleasure that can appeal to people of different sex, age and sexual orientation. With all activities involving sex toys, hygiene and lubricant is very important, and this is no different when it comes to anal sex toys and anal play. Here are some hygiene and anal play essentials that we strongly recommend using before you get in to any backdoor business:

  1. Anal Douches – Anal douching clears our the lowest parts of the colon making anal play stress and mess free! They are extremely easy to use, and often just require you to fill up the bulb with warm water, insert the tip into the anus, then squeeze the bulb and finally expel the water. You can repeat this process until the desired cleanliness is achieved.

  2. Anal Lubricant – The anus does not product any of its own lubrication, so it is extremely important to use lubricant to avoid injury. Anal lubricant is thicker than normal sexual lubricant, which makes it last longer during use.

  3. Anal Ease Creams – These are creams designed to numb the rectum. They are great for first time anal players or for those who want to try something a little bit bigger without hurting themselves as much.