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Intro to dungeons: the Berkley Horse, St Andrew’s Cross & other BDSM equipment

Picture of metal shackles bolted to wall

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you’ll know that we’re currently blogging on the theme of all things bondage and BDSM. From erotic spanking equipment to invest in through bondage safety tips, to a few ideas for interesting rope ties you can use in your sexy play. But what if you want […]

Erotic spanking: whips, floggers, paddles and how to use them

How do you know when you’re kinky? For me, it’s the shivery sensation I get when I hear a whip, flogger, paddle or hand come down – smack – on someone’s bum. For others, it’s the noise of a cane whistling through the air before landing with a crack, or the similar-yet-subtly-differently whoosh of a […]