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Sex dice: the benefits of sex games and other smutty fun

Four different coloured dice on a black background

Is there any sex toy more maligned than the humble set of sex dice? As activities like bondage and erotic electrostimulation become more popular, it seems people often brush aside some of the more playful sex accessories available on the market. I’m guilty of this myself – as a sex blogger I spend so much […]

Remote control sex toys: 3 hot sex games to play with your partner

The most commonly-cited sex game to play with remote control sex toys is the one where you wear them in public: vibrating knicker vibes or vibrating love eggs which can be worn discreetly, and turned up or down to give someone a secret sexual thrill. But we’ve all heard of these sex games, haven’t we? […]

Sexual communication: non-awkward ways to talk about your needs and desires

Fountain pen drawing picture of heart in notebook

We can’t all be Casanova, so for many of us sexual communication can be tricky. One of the most frequently asked questions to advice columnists – and sex bloggers like myself – is how people can initiate sex more often in their relationships. Sometimes they want to know how to deal with a mismatched libido, […]

Unique Valentine’s ideas that cost less than £20

Pile of £20 notes

Right now you can buy a dozen red roses from Marks and Spencer for £20. A nice Valentine’s treat, sure, but it certainly won’t win you any awards for originality. What’s more, those flowers will have wilted within a week or so. Surely there are more unique Valentine’s ideas that will last a little longer? […]