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Fascinator Throw

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  • Supremely soft, durable sex blanket
  • Inner liner keeps bedding dry and spotless
  • Great for an impromptu lovemaking
  • Perfect for squirters and discreet travel
  • Machine-washable
  • Velvish fabric available in decor-friendly colors
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Fascinator Throw



Depending on how you view it, sex is delightfully messy and can involve a frothy mix of lubes, lotions, sweat, love juices and so on. With the Fascinator, you can "throw" caution to the wind and enjoy all types of erotic adventures with our uniquely crafted sex blanket. Supremely lush, the Fascinator Throw is made from a double layer of premium microfiber Velvish fabric that feels amazing against bare skin and is accented with a reinforced border. The inner liner creates a barrier between you and the wet spots and helps keep your bedding dry and spotless.

Easy to use and maintain, simply place the Fascinator on top of sheets, sofa, chairs, or any other fancy home furnishings that you want to shield from the "throes of passion." When the fun is done, you can toss it in the wash and voila!--it's ready for your next encounter. GQ Magazine raves that the Fascinator Throw, "is the best sex blanket literally made for sex!" Available in a variety of decor-friendly colors.

Measurements: 72-L x 54-W
Liberator logo

Brand: Liberator

Product Details

Material: Polyester / Velvish
Color: Red or Blue or Black


Fascinator Throw

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