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Sex Slings


Not all sex toys require penetration. There are plenty of other toys and tools that can offer you a more intimate and deeper experience without inserting a toy inside your partner. Sex slings are a great tool to bring into the bedroom if you want to spice things up with your partner.

A sex sling, sometimes called a love strap or just a strap, is something you can use for behind positions with your partner. They're a comfortable strap that allows someone to hold their partner closer to them as they perform positions from behind. This allows a deeper and more pleasurable experience when playing with different from behind positions.

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Why People Love Sex Slings

Why would you consider using a sex sling? Well, there are plenty of reasons why. The main reason is that you want to have a deeper penetration with your partner when in different from behind positions.

When the person on top holds the sex sling in place, it helps compress the vaginal canal as it thrust, creating a tighter feeling, which can be fantastic for both people involved.

Another thing people love about sex slings is that they have more control over their position and that of their partner, not just that they can go deeper. The sling sits on the abdomen and has two places for the person behind you to hold onto, which gives a better feeling of control during the duration of the activity.

These allow them more control over how close they want to keep you and give them something to hold onto as they perform these positions. These handles give the person on top more control and provide more pleasure for themselves and the person on the bottom.

Probably one of the main reasons people enjoy using sex slings is because they can improve orgasms for both people involved. For women, it's more likely that the person on the top will reach their G-spot, allowing for intense orgasms; for men, the "tighter" feeling will help improve their orgasms too.

How To Use a Sex Sling

The best part about a sex sling is that there are no complicated instructions on how to use it, unlike some other fun sex toys.

To use a sex sling, all you have to do is place the strap on the abdomen of the person who will be on the bottom. You'll want to ensure it's in a comfortable position so that when the person on top pulls the handles, it doesn't cause discomfort or pain.

Once you're in your favorite position from behind, the person on top will grab the handles and begin thrusting like they usually would. They can use the handles to pull the person on the bottom closer to them, getting that deeper feeling that the sex sling can help provide. You can focus more on pleasure than the logistics of your position.

We highly recommend starting slow to ensure both people enjoy the feeling and then working your way up to faster rhythms. Holding onto the handles will allow the person on top to pull the person on the bottom closer without grabbing onto their skin and potentially hurting them.

Our Sex Slings

We currently offer three high-quality sex slings to choose from. All of them allow you to get deeper, have more intense orgasms, and spice up your from-behind positions in the bedroom. They're comfortable, affordable, and offer a different level of pleasure for both people involved.

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