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Sex Pillows


Browse our collection of the best sex pillows, ideal for partner play and solo sessions. Inflatable or made from high-density, firm foam, they are designed to provide maximum comfort and body-support.

From doggy style and missionary positions to bondage fantasies and solo play. Our sex ramps and pillows are great for any kind of sex game.

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What is a Sex Pillow?

A sex pillow is an angled, firm pillow designed to enhance a user's experience during solo play and partnered sex. It's typically made from high-density, cool gel memory foam and holds weight well.

The classic sex pillow for partner play is triangular in height, useful for a wide variety of sex positions. It's also body positive and plus-size friendly, which means it can accommodate all body types.

Cushion sex furniture, such as a bed wedge with washable cover, can help those who struggle with lower back pain. This design supports the entire upper body so people can enjoy their sex life to the fullest.

Inflatable position pillows are another popular type of sex wedges. They can be easily adjusted during sex, which makes them a versatile tool for lovers who enjoy different sexual positions. An inflatable sex pillow easily inflates and deflates for travel and storage. It is also called a 'pillow aid' and can be used with regular pillows.

Other models, such as sex chair wedges ramps, are perfect for a weightless sex experience. They allow users to bounce while enjoying a comfortable position using a sex toy, while trying various sex positions with their partner.

Waterproof sheets, made from breathable velvety fabrics, are easy to clean. They are machine washable and suitable for all liquid play.

Take Your Pleasure to The New Heights: Angles and Ramps Covers

Two-piece sets, sex ramps and wedges with removable covers can help take the strain off your thighs for a tireless sexual experience. From a sex wedge for lovers who want to enjoy deeper penetration to sex position pillows that can help achieve the perfect angle in doggie style and missionary positions. We have all the best and most popular models.

Want to know how sex furniture can be helpful to you? Take a quick look at the top 5 mention-worthy benefits of using a position pillow, according to sex experts:

  • Enhanced sensations: A sex cushion and wedge-ramp combo provides support and can help users find the perfect angle for pleasure. Both designs feature soft surfaces, and the wedge shape is ideal to enjoy easier oral sex, intercourse and masturbation, with better overall stimulation.
  • Positions and Intensities: Whether you prefer the missionary position or any other position, a pillow for sex can provide ultimate comfort. If you're a fan of lying positions, you can put your position pillow below the lower back. It will provide solid support during deep penetration and easier G-spot access.
  • Body support: Position cushions are an excellent choice to try out sex positions that otherwise cause aches. A position cushion is angled in a way for you to feel comfortable during penetrative sex. You can pair it with a sex ramp or chair to fully support your body in multiple positions.
  • Kink play: Incorporating kink play can enhance sexual wellness for most adult couples. But some positions can be incredibly uncomfortable, which is where an inflatable throw pillow and a sex swing can help. They are great for bedroom activities, allowing lovers to explore a wide range of sexual positions.
  • Self-pleasure: Do you often feel discomfort during solo play? Sex foam pillows are firm and durable, allowing users to find the right angle for masturbation. Inflatable anti-slip designs are great for humping, too. In addition, sex furniture is a great option for strap-on sex as it helps sustain difficult positions.

How to Use a Sexy Cushion: Sex Positions and Bondage

Using a sex pillow is simple, making it a good purchase for anyone who wants to enhance their sexual experience. Wedge pillows offer support that can help users enjoy a wide variety of positions during sex and masturbation.

The standard way to use a position enhancer is to put it under your lower back or butt during missionary. If you flip it over and lay stomach-first, it will provide support for doggy style, as well.

For better access and comfort during mutual oral stimulation, you can lay back-first on the pillow, with your hips angled. This can be especially beneficial for those who have a taller partner. For people with physical limitations, sex pillows wedges can be a good choice. Their 45-degree angle offers comfortable access to all the hot spots.

Waterproof sheets, as well as microfiber covers, protect your sex furniture from getting wet. These machine washable covers come in a variety of colors to match any bedroom decor and are perfect for spontaneous sex, solo play and internal stimulation.

Sex Pillows FAQs

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