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Anal Beads


Whether you're looking to enjoy ultimate anal pleasure or just started mastering your skills, do it like a pro! Browse our catalogue of the best classic and vibrating anal beads. Find your ideal design for blissful anal training and exciting butt play.

Soft and pliable or strong and adamant, our beaded anal toys offer mind-blowing sensations and endless pleasure possibilities. They are also the world's most trusted anal sex toys.

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What are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are a sex toy consisting of multiple spheres or balls attached together in series, which are continuously inserted through the anus and into the rectum, and then removed with varying speeds depending on the desired effect. - Wikipedia

They usually feature a semi-rigid thin shaft that allows for perfect internal reach. Models made of glass or steel have a firm beaded shaft. While flexible models are ideal for prostate and clitoral stimulation, firm-shaft designs are used for temperature play and indirect stimulation.

Like other anal toys, beaded anal products have a good-sized flared base that ensures the toy won't slip inside while in use. The most popular designs feature a silicone or fabric string with a pull ring or ringed handle. This ensures a secure grip, allowing easy insertion and fast removal.

Spheres that go inside the bum are usually joined flexibly with enough space between each other that requires individual insertion. Or they can come close together, allowing several pieces to be inserted at once. Either way, the removing process stimulates nerve endings that leads to exciting sensations.

Typically, spheres and bulges go from smaller to larger for easier entrance, but some designs may feature multiple spheres of the same size. They can be used by beginners or as a part of foreplay and warm-up before masturbation.

Why People Love These Toys

Anal beads are a key player in the sex toy family. They are a great introduction to amazing anal play for beginners. Experienced users love them for intense stimulation and the exciting sensations only beaded anal toys can provide.

Do you want to know why sex educators think everyone should have an anal bead toy? Read our list of their Top 5 outstanding characteristics.

All-In-One Set - Most designs feature different-sized balls. These actual beads grow in size from top to bottom. Thus you can gradually increase the length and intensity of activities and stimulate sensitive nerve endings of anal sphincter muscles.

Variety of Textures - While these toys are designed to provide stimulation through movement, the texture still matters. Medical-grade silicone, borosilicate glass and stainless steels are the most popular options that allow amazing butt play with additional sensations.

Waterproof for Shower Fun - Made from non-porous materials, most designs are waterproof and thus ideal for shower play and pool sex. They are also easy to clean. Wash the toy with warm water and gentle soap. Or you clean it with antibacterial soap to prevent bacteria from settling.

Vibrating for Dual Pleasure - New generation of high-quality anal beads often feature a discreet bullet vibe for super-charged fun session. Vibrating anal beads are ideal for hands-free fun. They allow you to pay special attention to erotic matters or use your hands to perform other activities.

Big-Sized for Extra Boost - If you want to experiment with new ideas, increments in bead size can be a game changer. Flexible yet firm, big-sized toys can bring you to maximum heights of pleasure. Browse our anal bead range to find your ideal design and experience excitement like never before!

Beaded Anal Toy, Butt Plug, Anal Vibrator: What's The Difference?

While all anal toys have a lot in common - like flared bases, smooth surfaces and body-safe materials - their functionalities vary significantly.

For instance, Butt Plugs are designed to stay in place. Once removed, they leave the anus open and ready for something bigger. Such as a dildo, anal vibrator or penis.

Anal Dildo Vibrators send waves of pleasurable sensations, offering an enhanced and rich feel in the pelvic floor. They are often used during foreplay.

While the fun of beads is in their removal, they also stimulate different spots at different speeds and angles.

How to Use Your Toy: Stimulation, Pleasure, Orgasm

To enjoy the full benefits of anal toys, take it slow and easy. When it comes to butt play, it might be a good idea to have a bowel movement before getting intimate. After that, clean the area using Anal Douches for better results.

When you're ready, start by setting the mood. Warm yourself up using your fingers first. Deep breathing can help you relax and enjoy comfort and pleasure. Lube your body and the toy, then start inserting and removing the flexible shaft bead by bead. Your comfortability level should be a priority.

Go slow and enjoy the feeling of fullness. You don't need to insert the entire toy to have the advantage of the ball game. Stop whenever you like, pull the string and enjoy the ultimate pleasure that leads to body orgasms!

According to sex therapists, these amazing toys can boost anyone's sex life, regardless of their gender or experience level.

Different Sized Balls, Materials, Flared Base and Lots of Lube for Easy Insertion

Have fun choosing a custom-made anal bead design. From short-string models with smaller spheres to longer options with different sized beads. Body-safe silicone beaded toys, glass models or stainless steel anal beads, we carry an array of the best styles and designs! All of our anal toys come with flared bases for safe anal play.

For easy insertion, pair your toy with an Anal Lube. Remember, silicone lube is not compatible with silicone-coated toys. Use a water-based lube with your silicone toys. Our recommendation: get an automatic lube dispenser and you won't need to worry about lube issues during your play.

Anal Beads FAQs

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