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How To Use A Butt Plug


How To Use A Butt Plug

Butt Plugs are a type of anal sex toy that is designed to be used for anal penetration. Butt plugs are some of the most popular anal toys and are used by men, women and couples.

Butt plugs can generally be characterized by there teardrop shape that gradually increases in size. Following the increase in width there is usually a sudden slim neck that is attached to a wide base. The wide base is designed to prevent the butt plug from being fully absorbed by the rectum.

If you think that a butt plug is the right anal sex toy for you, but aren’t quite sure which one is the right one for you, then take a look at some of our best butt plugs.

How To Use A Butt Plug

When using any anal sex toy you must be careful! You might find that warming up with a finger or smaller butt plug. When inserting anything into your butt always use plenty of lubricant to reduce friction!

When you are warmed up and ready to use your butt plug, start off by using a little bit of lubricant, applying it to both the butt plug and your rectum. then slowly insert the butt plug into your rectum. Once inserted you may choose to use it alongside another sex toy that stimulates other erogenous zones. However, you can also pull the anal plug out, and then push it back in repeatably for some incredible sensations.

How To Clean A Butt Plug

Once you have finished using your butt plug it is very important that you clean it. Butt plugs are usually very easy to clean, and you can either clean with specifically formulated sex toy cleaner, or with warm water. If you have a vibrating butt plug make sure you take any batteries out if it is not waterproof.

Finally make sure you store you butt plug is a cool dry place.

If you have any more questions on how to use a butt plug please feel free to contact us and one of our sex toy experts will get back to you as soon as possible.