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How To Have A Mind-blowing Orgasm With Prostate Massage

By: Scarlett


Prostate Milking 101: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

What is prostate milking?

Why people do it

What exactly is a prostate massage? And why does a prostate massage feel so good? People milk or drain their prostate for many reasons, from sexual pleasure to health benefits.  Prostate milking can be a sexual technique to enhance pleasure in male bodies, and when done at just the right moment can result in an earth-shattering orgasm (that doesn’t even have a refractory period!) So take your prostate into your own hands, and discover that elusive P-spot for yourself.

The Anatomy of the Prostate

Prostatic fluid is important to the healthy production of semen and is essential for reproduction. Located just in front of the rectum, the prostate is a walnut-sized gland made up of tissue and muscle. 

During orgasm the Prostatic fluid combines with sperm from the testicles to produce healthy semen. Using a prostate massage to achieve ejaculation is referred to as 'milking', and is a popular practice to create pleasurable sensations. The prostate is packed with thousands of nerve endings which can feel intensely good when stimulated. 

How is Prostate Milking Done?


Press your finger or toy against the small lump a couple of inches inside the anus and motion in a gentle ‘come hither’ motion, starting softly and increasing pressure slowly. Other techniques include a side-to-side motion or a ‘press and release’ pressure action.


-On the back. Lying down with your legs apart, reach down to access the anus. You might even want to much up on your feet to create an arch for easier access.

-On the side. Bring one knee up to your chest and hold it in place with one hand. Then, with the free hand reach under the buttock.

-On the belly. Lying on your stomach allows your arms easier access to your anus whilst turning your face to one side on a pillow.

-On all fours. A partner can help here or you can easily reach through the legs or around the side.

Prostate milking using toys

Prostate milking toys can make it easier to access the P-spot without having to use your finger. Often smaller than anal play toys, Prostate toys are tapered for safe insertion and retreaval, and have a perfect shape to stimulate the gland.

Sono Prostate Stimulator Set

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The Health Benefits of Prostate Milking

Preventing Prostate Inflammation

Your doctor or medical practitioner is always your first point of call if you are worried about your prostate, but according to claims by many Prostate massage practitioners, draining this fluid is useful for symptom relief of an inflamed prostate.

Prostate orgasms.

Prostate orgasms don’t have a refractory period, meaning you can experience multiple orgasms one after another. An effective prostate massage requires a softer touch and more precise movements than anal sex, and so a combination of a finger tip or smaller toys will work best in this practice.

‘Prostate milking’ refers to the release of the white prostatic fluid when the prostate is stimulated, and can be an intense way to reach climax. Whereas a penile orgasm comes from the genitals, a prostate orgasm feels like it is coming from deep within the body. The climax lasts longer and can result in multiple orgasms due to the fact that they don’t require a refractory period. Many people also claim that a prostate orgasm can be much more intense than a penis orgasm, as it engages many more nerve endings along with those of the perenium and anus.


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How do I prepare for prostate milking?

Relaxation is the key to any kind of sexual activity, whether participating with a partner or engaging in masturbation. Ensuring you are comfortable with the practice and ready to attempt it is the very first step, and if you have any reservations or worries be sure to communicate these - even to yourself! 

Exploration can involve pleasuring the P-spot with a lubed up finger tip or small prostate stimulation toy. Practicing this whilst engaging in other sexual activities you enjoy such as masturbation or oral sex. Be patient if you don’t climax right away and focus more on pleasure than the orgasm.

Being aroused can assist in the search for the prostate, as genitals become more sensitive and make bodily sensations more pleasurable all round. 

Once you feel as though your body is ready and welcoming of penetration, lie in a comfortable position either on your back or on your side with one knee bent upwards towards for easy access. Lube up either your finger or a small toy and breathe as you enter into the rectum. You know you’ve found the prostate when you start to feel pleasure- if it feels good, then you’re there. 

Press your finger or toy against the small lump in a gentle ‘come hither’ motion, starting softly and increasing pressure slowly. Other techniques include a side-to-side motion or a ‘press and release’ pressure action. Don’t be too rough or fast, and it helps to stimulate the genitals with your other hand to achieve those good vibrations. As you pleasure your penis or erogenous zone of your choice you will begin to feel tension build up in your body as you reach climax. Once you are at the bring of climax, stop touching anywhere else other than your prostate until you orgasm. 


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Choosing a toy for prostate play.

As always, lube up to the max to ensure the best pleasure and easy insertion. Always ensure that you select an anal toy with a flared base so that it doesn’t slip all the way inside your body - which will mean an emergency trip to A&E and a very uncomfortable conversation with a nurse that might just ruin the vibe of your evening.

Select a prostate toy with a smaller head for easy insertion. The toys don’t need to be too wide or long as Anal toys as the prostate is not too far inside the rectum. As you will be aiming for gentle stimulation, opting for a larger sex toy may actually damage the prostate, so don’t go too large when looking for a prostate sex toy.

Experimenting with toys can be an extremely bonding and sexy experience for the both of you, and also helps you explore different positions and methods that might be more difficult without the use of a toy. 


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Have you discovered your P-spot yet? This is your sign to go adventuring. P marks the spot!