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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dildo?

A dildo is a sex toy that is used for sexual penetration. There are many types of dildos; realisticstrap onnon-phallicanaldouble endedlarge dildos, and glass dildos. Here at SexToys.co.uk we have everything you will need to get started! Dildos are used for masturbation, usually as a substitute for the human penis, and can be used to stimulate the vagina and anus. They can also be used for pegging, where you or your partner would wear a harness that has a dildo attached to it. For more information on dildos take a look at our buyers guide here.

What are the different types of dildos?

There are many different types of dildos, below is a list of all the types, and a brief description about them:

  1. Realistic Dildos - These are dildos that are designed to look like male genitalia and often feature a realistic tip, balls and veins. Many are also made from a softer material like TPE, or dual density silicone, making them feel like the real thing.

  2. Non-Phallic Dildos - Non-Phallic Dildos are unrealistic dildos that sometimes look a bit unusual and avant-garde. They tend to look more like sculptures than sex toys.

  3. Double Ended Dildos - These dildos feature two realistic tips and can be used alone or with a partner for vaginal or anal satisfaction.

  4. Anal Dildos - Anal Dildos are usually smaller and slimmer dildos that have been specifically designed for anal insertion. Many of these also feature a flared base for safety and easy removal.

  5. Strap On Dildos - These are dildos that are harness compatible. Dildos with suction cups can generally be used with harnesses, so you can turn any of your suction cup dongs into strap on dildos with the simple addition of a harness.

  6. Large Dildos - This is one of our most popular dildo categories. Large dildos are bigger than your average ones and are designed to give you even more satisfaction.

  7. Glass Dildos - Glass dildos are extremely solid and made from very tough and high-quality glass. Because of how firm they are they can be used to apply more pressure to your erogenous zones.

  8. Vibrating Dildos - These are realistic looking dildos that feature vibration settings. They are designed for sexual penetration and can be used for solo masturbation or with a partner.

  9. Strapless Dildos - Strapless Dildos can be vibrating or non-vibrating and are designed for mutual pleasure between two partners.

How to use a dildo?

You can use a dildo for sexual penetration, foreplay and with your partner. They are extremely easy to use, firstly set the mood, close the blinds and turn down the lights. Then simply apply some lubricant to the dildo and your intimate areas and then insert the dildo, then pull out to create a thrusting like motion. There are numerous different thrusting motions and techniques that you can use for example:

  1. Deep Thrusting - this technique is when your insert the entire length of the dildo into your vagina, this can provide intense stimulation, especially if the dildo is textured. If this is something that you would like to try then we highly recommend a slightly more rigid product like the Loving Joy 6 Inch Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup

  2. Shallow Penetration - Most of the sensitive nerve endings are around the first third of your vagina, so the shallow thrusting method can really help you get the most from your masturbation session. Try short rapid strokes with a textured dildo like the Loving Joy Real Feel 8 Inch Textured Dong for maximum pleasure!

  3. G-Spot Thrusting - Finding your G-Spot for the first time can be a magical experience (if you haven't take a look at our guide here) and can provide you with all new sensations. To perform this technique simply drag the top part of the dildo across your G-Spot and pull it outward. The Loving Joy Silicone Curved Dildo is a great sex toy to use when performing this technique as the curved tip really allows you to massage your G-Spot incredibly easily!

  4. Temperature Play - This can give you a whole new sensation, simply leave your dildo in a bowl of warm or cold water for a few minutes, allowing the dildo to cool down or heat up. When doing this we strongly recommend that you use a metal or glass dildo. A favourite of ours is the Fifty Shades Darker Deliciously Deep Steel G-Spot Dildo, not only is it suitable for temperature play, but it also features bumps for extra stimulation and it is also curved so can also be used to massage the G-Spot!

  5. Anal - If you are a fan of anal sex, then you will enjoy using a dildo for anal penetration. You can use both the deep thrusting and shallow penetration techniques that will give you all sorts of anal pleasure. Look at our full range of anal dildos to get a high quality anal dildo today.

  6. Double Penetration - A lot of people fantasize about double penetration, and a great way to try it is with two dildos, a dildo and a butt plug, or even a toy and your partner.

If you have any more questions on how to use a dildo then feel free to contact our customer service team.

How to clean a dildo?

Dildos are extremely easy to clean, this can be done with warm soapy water or even with sex toy cleaner.

 What is the best dildo?

Here are some of our most popular and best selling dildos based on what our customers have bought in the past:

  1. Loving Joy 6 Inch Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup - £18.95 - This is a non-phallic silicone dildo that features a super strong suction cup, making it compatible with any harness. This silicone dildo has a smaller girth making it great for pegging and beginners. The added texture gives the user increased internal sensations whilst the curvature makes it great for P- and G-Spot stimulation.

  2. Loving Joy Real Feel 8 Inch Wonder - £19.95 - This realistic dildo is perfect for hands free play thanks to the well-designed suction cup. The suction cup also makes it harness compatible, so you can use it to create your own strap on. This realistic dildo is made from lifelike TPE so feels just like the real thing!

  3. Loving Joy 5 inch Curved Silicone Dildo with Suction Cup - £14.95 - This 5 inch curved non-phallic silicone dildo has a slimline design and features a strong suction cup base making it harness compatible. This is perfect for those who want to make their own strap on or for those who are venturing into pegging.

  4. Loving Joy Real Feel 8 Inch Realistic Dong - £9.95 - This realistic dildo is perfect for those who are buying a dildo for the first time. This textured dong is incredibly life like and is perfect for vaginal use.

  5. Loving Joy 7 Inch Realistic Vibrator - £39.95 - The Loving Joy Super Gybrator is a realistic vibrating dildo that has seven functions. Not only does this realistic dong vibrate, it also gyrates. Take a look at the video on the bottom of the product page to see this realistic vibrator in action.

  6. Loving Joy Real Feel Mr Big 10 Inch Suction Cup Dildo - £29.95 - The Mr Big 10 Inch dildo is a large realistic dildo that feels just like the real thing. It is make from life like TPE and features a suction cup for hand free play, which also makes this realistic dildo harness compatible.

  7. Alive Adam 7 Inch Pink Silicone Realistic Dildo - £19.95 – this realistic silicone dildo features a suction cup base, so it can be attached to any flat surface, or even a harness. The realistic dildo features raised veins which provide additional stimulation whilst being used. Made from super soft silicone this 7 inch dong is easy to clean and even easier to use.

  8. Si Novelties Petite 5 Inch Dildo – £9.95 - this 5 inch non-phallic strap on dildo is the perfect shape for both anal and vaginal use. It is a great size for pegging beginners and is compatible with any harness that has an O-Ring.

  9. Dual Density Realistic Dildo - £19.95 - This realistic dual density dildo has a soft outer layer making insertion extremely comfortable, but features a firm inner core, making it feel just like the real thing. The suction cup base makes this dong harness compatible and also means that it will stick to any flat surface.

  10. Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Anal Dildo - £11.95 – This soft and flexible anal dildo features a realistic head and veined texture, and has a slim shaft making it ideal for beginners. The Doc Johnson Anal Starter Dildo has a flared base making it safe for anal play. This erotic tool is also made in the USA from the highest quality materials.

  11. Loving Joy Realistic Vibrating Dildo - £9.95 – This vibrating dildo has raised veins for extra stimulation and has an easy to use, twist and go, control. The product is made from high quality PVC and has an insertable length of 4.7 inches. This vibrating dildo can be used both vaginally and anally!

  12. Crystal Ice Large Realistic Vibrating Dildo - £24.95 – This is one of our larger vibrating dildos and offers multi-speed vibration as well as a thick 7.5” shaft. Its total length is 9” and has a width of 1.75”.

  13. Doc Johnson Small Double Dong - £16.95 – This soft and flexible double ended dildo has a traditional thickness and also features veiny textures. It is perfect for solo play or with a partner. This double dildo is made in America from the highest quality materials.

  14. Realistic Multi Speed Vibrator - £16.95 – This realistic vibrating dildo features veins and a flexible body. It is made from high quality body safe materials and features multi speed vibrations that can be controlled by an easy to use twist base.

  15. Simply Strapless Dildo - £39.95 – This strapless dildo features a 10 function bullet that is put into the base. The vibrations from this bullet are carried through the silicone and can be felt by both partners.

Loving Joy is a UK based sex toy brand that produced some of the best value, and highest quality adult toys in the market. Many of their products have constantly been some of our best selling and top-rated products.

How to order a dildo; How can I buy a dildo? and Where to get a dildo?

You can order a dildo quickly and easily from SexToys.co.uk, buying a dildo has never been so easy. Remember that when you spend £30 of more you receive free UK delivery! Furthermore order before 4pm Monday-Friday and your order will be dispatched the same day!

How to make a dildo? Should I buy a dildo?

There is no need to make a dildo, here at SexToys.co.uk our large selection will satisfy all your needs. We strongly believe that you absolutely should buy a dildo and take your sexual activity to the next level!