Guide to Dildos

Dildos and dongs are the phallic shaped non vibrating toys that come in a range of shapes and sizes, from the real feel to the medical grade Pyrex,allowing for internal stimulation without the vibrations.

Realistic Dildos

These silicone dildos are flexible, allowing for internal stimulation to be guided by you or your partner. The doubled ended varieties allow for double play, with the flexibility allowing for ease of movement without any harsh pressure.

dildo range consists of standard straight models, which use difference in size and texture to give different sensations. There are also dildos that are designed to stimulate the legendary male G-spot, the shapes curving slightly for this purpose.Silent

  • Need no batteries
  • Huge range of materials
  • Double and single models
  • Variety of textures for stimulation connoisseurs
  • Many different shapes & sizes

When using a dildo for the first time, whether you are male or female, the most important rule of thumb is to use suitable lubrication. It really can mean the difference between a pleasant experience and a sexual nightmare.

Double Ended Dildo’s

Double ended dildo’s are similar to a dildo/ vibrator but as the name explains has two ends. These enable both partners to experience penetration at the same time. These models are

popular with both lesbian and gay partners as it can offer a more intimate experience and be less intimidating than a strap on. Straight couples can also benefit from this model with both the man and woman being penetrated. Certainly an effective toy both for the sexually adventurous and the established loving couple. Great for those who crave a deeper, more emotional

feeling from sex.

‘Double enders’ as they are known are mostly made from soft jelly rubber but there are also models made from Pyrex for a very different feel. There are straight models and also more curving models for the imagination to run wild.

  • Enables both partners to experience penetration at the same time
  • Comes in a variety of different shapes and textures
  • Double the fun of a normal vibrator/dildo

Glass Dildos

Glass dildos are the “must have” item for the truly obsessive sexual voyeur. Made from medical grade Pyrex they are hypo-allergenic and hygienic. Each model is individually created by master craftsmen meaning no two models are the same. The wide range of models comes in a variety of different colours and designs that titillate the imagination as well as the physical senses.

There are a wide range of designs including standard dildo shapes and butt plugs, which are shorter and rounder for a more instantaneous reaction. There are also veined versions for an extra orgasmic sensation.

Other models have a ball on the end that offers all the advantage of a butt plug combined with the penetration ability of the lengthier Dildo.

Glass Dildos are the “Rolls Royce’s” of the Dildo world and are widely revered in the Porn Star Circles, some of whom have been moved to design them. They will cost a lot more money than their lesser “Jelly rubber” counterparts but the sensation they offer is well worth the expense promising orgasmic rewards to dream about always.

Glass toys can also be warmed or cooled for different sensations.

  • Made of medical grade Pyrex for additional hygiene and safety
  • Large variety of different colours, textures and shapes
  • Individually made by master craftsmen
  • Can be cooled or heated to the users discretion

Strap On Dildos

Strap On Dildos are an ideal toy for use with girl/girl sex or even women who wish to experience penetrating their man, experiencing sex from the man’s perspective.

They come with a wide selection of colours, shapes and sizes that flatter the wearer with adjustable straps to ensure a secure fit and mould the dildo to the body.

Some of the straps are sold separately to enable the wearer to use any dildo with them so that a more loved/sentimental toy can be used.

  • Adjustable straps to fit any size and body shape
  • Variety straps to feature any size/ shape dildo
  • Different colours/ shapes of strap on
  • Ideal for lesbian couples or woman in control of penetration