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Bondage positions: hogtie, overarm tie and more

Bound to Please 10 m Bondage Rope Hemp

Regular readers will know that we’ve been on a bit of a bondage spree recently. I don’t mean we’ve tied up the boss so we can nip down to the pub, rather we’ve been giving an overview of some key bondage-focused topics here on the blog: from different ways to use physical restraints through fetish […]

Bondage safety: top tips on tying (and being tied) safely

There are two reasons you need to read up on bondage safety before you get stuck into rope tying. The first is that in order to be suitably dominant and powerful, you must be in control of a situation – from a health and safety standpoint as well as in the words you use and […]

This Morning: Bondage For Beginners

What with Fifty Shades fever reaching absolute breaking point as the film is due to be released in a matter of days, it’s no wonder that the national media are jumping on the slap’n’tickle bandwagon (if this was a real mode of transportation, we’d be on it too!). So we were of course flattered and joyous about […]

The A-Z of Sex, ‘R’

From romance to rimming, here is this week’s A-Z of Sex… Rope – One of many items that can be used for restraint (see below). There are all sorts of types of rope, made from different materials with different widths and uses. Shibari is an ancient and beautiful form of Japanese rope bondage. If you […]

Em does ‘Kink’ – Feature series with Ohh My…

I’ve been thrust into the world of Kink this month as I embark on writing a series features for our sexually educated friends at Ohh My… They have tasked me with researching and writing (whilst adding in my own experiences and opinions) a series that will travel the Kink and Fetish spectrum. These articles will […]

An unbeatable offer that’s Bound to Tease!

Get kinky – with the Bound to Tease range of bondage gear! For this week only we are offering you the chance to add to your fetish collections or maybe delve into kink for the first time, by way of our brightly coloured, fun and funky Bound to Tease range – at a 3 for […]

Bondage – Does it tie you up in knots?

Most people have heard of the term ‘bondage’. The connotations of this can be as innocent as gentle velvet restraints in the bedroom, to the more extreme metal shackles and leather restraints of the BDSM culture. But what is bondage really all about? The term ‘bondage’ derives from the verb ‘to bind’. When a person […]