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Virtual reality sex: how do you shag in VR?

Purple hued image of an oculus headset for virtual reality sex

Are you both a wanker and a nerd? Then you’ll enjoy this. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly pejorative nature of both those words: I am a proudly nerdy wanker, and combining these two things makes for a whole lot of fun. Most notably: the fun I can have with virtual reality sex. Virtual reality […]

Weird and curious sex toys – why you should mix up your masturbation techniques

Routine isn’t always a bad thing: sometimes you just want to relax into your comfort zone. But there are other times when routine can get you down. Especially when it comes to sex and masturbation, some people worry that they might get used to the same type of stimulation, and struggle to get off on […]

Five things I learned about wanking during Masturbation Month 2018

One of the most fun things about Masturbation Month (apart from all the wanking, of course), is that all the sex-related sites that I follow start writing great articles about masturbation. The benefits of it, how many of us do it, tips on techniques, and lots more stuff. So I thought I’d round up a […]

Masturbation Month: 5 reasons masturbation is good for you

It’s not just fun – masturbation is also really good for you! And because May is Masturbation Month, I thought it’d be a great excuse to chat through some of the ways wanking can enhance your life. From improving your physical and mental health to helping you tune in to your body’s needs and have […]

Best vibrators to use AFTER sex (yes, you heard me!)

The internet was ringing with gales of laughter earlier this week when someone wrote in to the Guardian advice page asking why his girlfriend masturbates after sex. ‘Is she insatiable?’ he asked, of her post-shag desire to rub a quick one out. But hold your giggles for a second: for some of us, masturbating after […]

What do you think about when you masturbate?

Sorry for launching in with such a personal question: I’m feeling feisty this Friday. I’ve just read a sex survey released by Superdrug which asked over 900 adults about their masturbation habits, and gave some really interesting results… Let’s start with the basics: as with all the sex ‘studies’ I link to here, it’s mostly […]

More sex makes you happy: but it’s not always that easy

Wherever we’re going in life, the biggest question most of us grapple with along the way is this one: what makes me happy? Is it having a better car, a bigger house, more friends? A holiday to somewhere sunny with a poolside bar and a plethora of sexy masseurs attending to our every need? If […]

This masturbation technique totally sucks…

Beginners Guide to Sex Toys

I know of a few gentlemen who, in a misguided attempt to recreate the exquisite sensation of a blow job, have accidentally ended up in painful or embarrassing situations. If you want a wank that really sucks (in a good way), avoid making their mistakes, and get something that’ll do the job properly… When I […]

​Masturbation Month: 7 random facts about masturbation

Did you know that May is Masturbation Month? While I’m sure you’re happy masturbating all year round, it’s nice to have an entire month dedicated to the art of wanking. To celebrate, here are some of my favourite random facts about masturbation picked up while writing this blog. Masturbation Month is a great opportunity to […]

​Everything you need to know about Tenga eggs before Easter

aster isn’t just about Creme Eggs, you know, it is also an opportunity to get your hands on some Tenga eggs, which are far more intriguing – albeit less delicious when you stick your tongue inside. Because Tenga is one of my lifelong loves, I wanted to give you the lowdown on an Easter gift […]