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Sliquid was founded in 2009 as an intimate lubricant company with the mission to cater to women who are sensitive or allergic to glycerine and other ingredients commonly used in lubricants. The American company’s personal moisturisers, intimate lubricants and massage oils are formulated from only the safest, greenest, and cleanest ingredients making Sliquid products entirely sugar-, glycerine- and paraben-free as well as vegan-friendly and hypoallergenic. The Sliquid Naturals line is a comprehensive range of personal lubricants for any sexy occasion while Sliquid Organics infuses organic botanical extracts into the most popular products from the Naturals range creating nurturing and nourishing lubes packed with vitamins and minerals. The company’s massage oil range, the Sliquid Balance Collection, blends naturally occurring nut and seed oils with organic botanicals creating healing and soothing oils for the body, spirit, and mind. So, check out our full range of Sliquid lubricants, moisturisers and massage oils and treat yourself to a premium quality intimate product from the UK’s leading online sex toy shop!

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