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Glyde Ultra Super Max Vegan Condoms 10 Pack

Glyde Ultra Super Max Vegan Condoms 10 Pack Image 0
  • Lubricated with 100% silicone oil which is paraben and glycerin free
  • Glyde condoms are dairy-free, glycerin-free, paraben-free
  • Standard shape with teat end
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Glyde Ultra Super Max Vegan Condoms 10 Pack


This extra large condom is made from completely vegan products. As with all condoms Glyde are made of natural rubber latex which is a plant based substance harvested from rubber trees, but what makes them truly vegan is the additional extra used in the process. Whereas most latex condoms contain a milk protein called casein, Glyde however uses a thistle extract which does exactly the same as casein. Although it may make the product slightly more expensive, it does keep it 100% vegan. This 100% plant based product can even be composted and all boxes are made with 100% recycled cardboard and vegetable inks.

Product Details

Material: Latex
Texture: Smooth
Length: 7.9 inches
Diameter: 2.3 inches

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