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Liberator Jaz

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Liberator Jaz



The smooth support of the Jaz will have you in perfect harmony with your partner. It offers lift and penetration in a petite bolster with dense, supportive foam. Great for missionary and from-behind positions, it also provides better access for longer oral episodes. Get inspired by the support of the Jaz and practice improvisation to discover new positions and possibilities. All of this is in a package small enough to take on tour.

  • Angled pedestal perfect for deeper penetration and better access for prolonged oral without soreness.
  • Petite size is ideal for traveling.
  • Deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation freshens old positions with new sensations.
  • High-density foam supports the body and prevents sinking into a bed while offering angles for maximum satisfaction.
  • Microsuede cover feels soft against bare skin.
  • Cover is removable and machine-washable.
  • Moisture-resistant liner.
  • Measurements in inches: 14L x 18W x 6H.
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Brand: Liberator

Product Details

Material: Microvelvet / Polyurethane
Color: Red or Pink or Silver or Beige or Gold or Blue or Black or Grey


Liberator Jaz

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