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Orgasm boosting enhancers that can help you reach a more powerful climax


Why should you try orgasm enhancing products?

How to have stronger, longer and more powerful orgasms alone or with a partner.

Need a helping hand in the orgasm department? From arousal gel to pussy pumps, keep scrolling for the best orgasm boosting enhancers on the market and we guarantee you’ll be creaming like a scream queen by teatime.

Why should you try orgasm enhancing products?

Arguably great sex is all about the journey and not the destination, so orgasms should be seen as a bonus and not the main event. But if your Big O isn’t quite cutting the mustard or you simply want to enjoy stronger, longer and more powerful orgasms during solo or partnered sex, who can blame you? 

From the best sex accessories to the perfect positions to help you get there, we bring you everything you need to boost your orgasm power and up your cum-quota overnight.

Struggle to reach orgasm due to stress or medical issues

If your orgasms are just a bit limp, try not to worry. From performance anxiety, to work stress, or a few too many cocktails, any number of things can interfere with your sex life and take your mind off the task at hand. The good news is that failing to cum every single time you have sex is rarely a sign of anything more serious. Most of the time you just need a little help getting there.

Boost your experience of orgasm

Unless you’re retired or you recently won the lottery, most of us don’t have the time to explore our orgasm power in any great detail. So, while your sex life might be perfectly satisfactory, you might be missing out on a world of pleasure. 

When, how and with whom you choose to masturbate can have a profound impact on the power of your climax. Ready to turn your orgasms up to factor 10? All you need is the right products and the desire to get there.

Experiment with new sensations

First things first, powerful sex requires more than just your fingers and a glob of saliva. Try experimenting with new sensations and you might be surprised to discover that using new lubes, sex toys and gels can transform your sex sessions from average to all night disco.

How orgasm-enhancing products work

There are a number of orgasm enhancing products on the market that promise to tantalise your labia in more ways than one. All you have to do is shop around until you find the shoe that fits.

Increasing blood flow

When it comes to great sex, as you will probably know, foreplay is an important slice of the pie. But did you know why? Alongside getting the juices flowing, engorging your erogenous zones by increasing the blood flow to your sensitive parts actually makes the entire area more sensitive. Don’t believe us? Get your hands on a pussy pump and you’ll soon discover just how powerful it can be. Your clitoris can thank us later.


Restricting blood flow

Meanwhile for penis-havers, a well-placed cock ring can work along similar lines, restricting blood flow and engorging the shaft, making the entire thing feel more tingly and boosting your climax to boot. Everyone wins.

Providing a new sensation such as temperature change or tingling

Next up: it’s time to start experimenting with temperature control. Try using specially formulated gels or creams to create more sensations and you might just love the feeling.

Types of enhancement toys to try

Let's get into it!

Penis gels

If you’re after a rock hard cock for a night of fun, apply a few globs of penis gel onto his shaft and watch it come to life. This clever enhancing gel promises to increase blood flow to the penis, making it look and feel thicker and larger and boosting your orgasm potential in the process. It’s also odorless and made from all natural ingredients so you can lick it off with no nasty aftertaste. 

Intimate Enhancements Plump - Enhancement Cream for Men

Penis rings

One product that pretty much guarantees a shared orgasm is a cock ring. This clever toy slides onto his shaft and tickles her clit at the same time during penetrative sex. It’s a win-win sex toy to suit everyone’s needs. Come again? Yes you will.

The O Hare Vibrating Cock Ring

Clitoris and nipple pumps

If you enjoy the sensation of engorgement you’ll love this powerful pump that sucks nipples and clits like a hungry bear and promises a juicy, engorged vulva and monster orgasms in abundance.

Temptasia - Clitoris and Nipple Pleasure and Enhancement Pump System

Stimulating lubes

Rub a spot of this light and fruity gel anywhere that feels good and you’ll increase sensation and up your cum-quota super fast.

ID Stimulating Gel for Her

Other ways to enhance your orgasm

Now you’ve got your sexy toolbox sorted, you need some tips and tricks up your sleeve to get the party started.

Sex pillows

Using a sex pillow is not only comfy and fun, wedging it under her hips gives you easy access to her most sensitive parts, increasing both of your orgasm power tenfold.

Fetish Fantasy Series Deluxe Position Master with Cuffs

Edging. (There's usually a setting on your toys for that, too)

Another clever way to get your big O going is to try edging. This simple sex technique involves engaging in cycles of sexual arousal but stopping just before the point of orgasm. Keep going a few times and it will lead to stronger, longer and more powerful orgasms, plus it’s really fun to practice.

Aim for a blended orgasm.

If you really want to boost your orgasm power and have a night to remember, you need to work on your blended orgasm technique. By stimulating two of your erogenous zones at once (we’re big fans of the rabbit for this purpose) you get to double your chances of cumming and increase your climax power too. Enjoy.