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How to style your lingerie to dress especially for Valentine's Day


How to style your lingerie to dress especially for Valentine's Day

There’s a party in my pants and you’re all invited.

From lacy thongs to fishnets or the classic babydoll chemise, shopping for lingerie can be overwhelming at the best of times. And if you’re preparing for a hot date it can be difficult to know where to start. But with a few tips and tricks and some well-chosen smalls, the right lingerie can transform your Valentine’s Day date into a sex party for two. That’s right folks, it’s time to slip into something a little more comfortable.

Why lingerie makes such an impact

To get started, it’s worth keeping in mind why it’s worth investing in knockout lingerie to turn the heat up on your date night. Sure, wearing something sexy and flattering under your clothes can make an impact when you and your partner get your kit off. But the right lingerie is about so much more than visual titillation. Sexy lingerie can play an integral role in foreplay, will prolong the fun, and make you feel like a goddess to boot. What’s not to love?


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Lingerie makes you feel confident

Slip into the right leather, latex or lace romper and it will do so much more for you than turn your partner on. Well-chosen lingerie can transform your self-confidence and make you feel like the powerful sex beast that you are. Have you ever slipped into a pair of sky-high heels or kinky boots and been compelled to strut about? The right sexy lingerie has the same transformative effect and will boost your confidence in (and out) of the bedroom. Go get ‘em, tiger.

  • Lingerie keeps couples sex spicy with variation

Is it time to shake up your sex routine? Add a bedroom costume into the mix such as this saucy French Maid Teaser and trust us when we tell you that lingerie is about so much more than simply getting you in the mood. Pasties, hosiery or even a bustier will give you the confidence to spice things up in the bedroom. Why not turn the tables and experiment with power-play or role reversals? Variety is the spice of life and lingerie is the hot ticket you need for wild sexual exploration. 

  • You can experiment with texture and sensation play

If you’ve ever turned the lights off during sexy time you will know that limiting one of your senses can seriously enhance the others and getting down and dirty in the pitch dark can make sex feel extra sensual. This same rule applies to texture and sensation, so switching it up and trying different fabrics and materials can add a whole new sensory element to your sex play. Why not slip into a rubber garter belt or this lace playsuit and delve into the underworld of sensation play.

  • You can adopt an alter ego or character for roleplay

It’s always important to be your authentic self, but sometimes it’s fun to switch it up too and experimenting with your alter ego or different characters can seriously boost your sexual pleasure in the bedroom. If you’re usually a wallflower or used to letting your lover take the lead, take note! Anything goes in the bedroom, so get dressed up in something new (we’re looking at you wet look stockings) and experiment with your dominant side tonight. Trust us, you’re going to enjoy yourself.


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  • Tease your partner on your date

We love upfront sex positive chat as much as the next person, but sometimes the thrill of suggestion is all it takes to get us hot under the collar, and you’d be surprised what a little game of tease will do for your sex life. Flashes of lace panties, sneak selfies from the bathroom or a little touch of a lacy thigh under the table at dinner is all it takes to set the scene for a steamy night.

How to style your lingerie

OK now we’ve established why you should wear sexy lingerie for your Valentine’s Day date night, we need to work on how to make your lingerie look and feel kinky as hell.

Try a matching set with a garter belt

If you’re a sensible cotton pants kinda gal, sometimes all it takes is a super simple sexy matching set to turn the heat up in the bedroom. Twin your favourite lingerie set with a garter belt and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the impact you can make. Slip into a pair of heels and grab yourself a whip and your partner will be quivering at the knees.



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Team sheer hosiery with nipple pasties and body harness

If you’ve yet to experiment with hosiery, now’s your chance. Pop on a pair of nylons with an empowering body harness and add a couple of nipples pasties for good measure, and you’ve got yourself a party. We’re rather partial to this sexy see-through kimono too.


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Pair garters with babydoll chemises

Experimenting with power dynamics in the bedroom is all part of the fun, so swapping your traditional underwear for something super girlie and submissive might just bring out the dominant side in your lover tonight. Pop a babydoll chemise on with a garter, bend over and let your lover take charge.

Teasing your partner with your lingerie

Next up on the agenda, use your lingerie to your advantage before you even make it home by giving off little hints about what’s to come.

Play voyeurs

Before you go out for your date, make sure you give your partner a sneak peek of what you’re wearing underneath. Then simply slip a dress over your spectacular lingerie selection and head out for dinner. Just knowing what’s to come will get your other half seriously in the mood. 

Send a sexy lingerie selfie 

Most of us get turned on by visual stimulation, and nothing says let’s get it on like a few well styled selfies in your fave new underwear. So, don’t forget to take a few snaps and text them to your lover(s) before your date, so they will know what’s coming later. 

Play a sexy game of blindman’s bluff

To turn up the heat tonight, blindfold your beloved and get them to guess what your lingerie looks like from touch alone. The sensual touch of lace, leather and latex will be enough to get him rock hard and ready for a night to remember. 

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