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The best rainbow sex toys to celebrate Pride month


Are you ready to ride your pride? We have the best picks of rainbow sex toys the UK has to offer!

What is Pride month?

If you’ve been living under a rock, you’re fresh out of the closet and here to embrace your true self, or you’re simply curious, you might be wondering what all the noise is about. Why is everyone waving rainbow flags, what’s the deal with all the fabulous outfits and street parties and most importantly, how can you get involved? 

Pride Month is celebrated every June and the entire month is dedicated to championing LGBTQ+ communities all around the world. But Pride is about much more than getting your kicks and going to great parties, and you don’t have to identify as queer to get involved. Pride is celebrated in June because that was the month when the Stonewall uprising took place back in 1969 - important protests that changed gay rights for many people in America and around the world.

The first Pride celebrations took place in New York City a year later – then called the Christopher Street Day Parade – and has continued to grow globally. Fast-forward to 2024 and Pride Month is a key date on the calendar that helps to raise awareness about LGBTQ+ history, educate friends, family and the general public and have fun in the process.

Pride Month is a celebration of love, friendship and equality for the LGBTQ+ community, but there's still work to be done. Pride marches are not only an important opportunity for the LGBTQ+ community to show their pride in their sexual orientation or gender identity, but also to champion important topics such as same-sex marriage and protection from conversion therapy.

But why the rainbow flag? The colours reflect the diversity of the diverse community and the spectrum of human sexuality and gender. Wherever you happen to sit on the LGBTQ+ flag, wearing the rainbow is a bold and fearless way to show that you belong and we are here for it.

So, if you’re hosting a Pride Month party, dancing on a float or getting to know yourself a little better in the comfort of your own home, we have just the thing. From rainbow pants to unicorn butt plugs, keep scrolling for our pick of the best rainbow sex toys to help you celebrate with Pride.

Rainbow toys 

Hoping to make new friends or experimenting with solo-pleasure tonight? What better way to celebrate Pride than with a hand-sculpted rainbow dildo (also available in different flag representation colours such as the lesbian flag or trans flag designs). This lovingly crafted colourful baton made from body safe silicone is designed for G Spot and P Spot Play to use alone or with friend(s), but more importantly it comes in a glorious technicolor rainbow so you can stick it where the sun don’t shine with pride.


Avant - Pride P1 - Freedom

Avant dildo.


Rainbow bondage items

Feeling a bit kinky? Kink has its place at pride too! If rope bondage is your bag and you’re powerless to resist restraint play, you’ll be delighted to hear that BDSM has had a glow-up and now you can purchase 8 metres of super-strong sustainable bamboo silk rope in the colours of the rainbow flag, so you can experiment with your kinky side and do it with pride.

And for the subs in the house tonight, strap on this rainbow coloured wrist and ankle cuff set complete with chains to hit the party, and you’re guaranteed to find your daddy on the dancefloor. Better yet, the cuffs come with D-rings for a seriously kinky after party, too. Win-win.


Unicorn Rainbow Bondage Rope

Unicorn rainbow bondage rope


Wearable rainbow items

What could be better than a proud gay man in a thong? A hot stud in a rainbow coloured thong, of course! Slip these bold pants on and get the party started at home or in the club.

If you’re more of a sensible briefs kinda chap, we’re big fans of these multicolored rainbow print boxers made from stretchy and breathable fabric – perfect for podium dancing with pride.

And to show the world you’re LGBTQ+ and proud, cover yourself in these fun and colourful Pride flag stickers, that double up as edible nipple pasties.


Men's Rainbow Thong

Rainbow Thong 


Rainbow Vibrators

Pride Month is all about being loud (and proud) in public, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shine in private too with this dinky rainbow vibe. Show your sensitive parts some love, or slip it in your handbag for a spot of fun on the move. But remember folks, this one is best used as an external sex toy as it could easily get lost up your ass.


Chroma - Rainbow

Chroma Rainbow Bullet Vibe 



Rainbow butt plug

Another Pride Month sex toy that’s better suited to celebrations behind closed doors (or in the sex dungeon at the club if you’re so inclined) we LOVE this swishy rainbow tail butt plug that’s perfect for pony play. Just don’t forget the anal lube. Giddy up cowboy.

Or if you prefer circumspect anal play, this rainbow crystal butt gem is perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to derriere explorations in private. Or wear it under your clothes all day while you smirk at strangers, whatever gets you off daddy-o.


Unicorn Tails - Rainbow

Unicorn tail butt plug


Just for fun

Hosting a Pride party, dancing on a float at the parade or do you simply have a sweet tooth and love to suck? These cock and ball shaped rainbow dick lollies will get the party started and set the tone for a night to remember.

But it’s not all about the penis! For the vagina-havers and the lesbian vulva-lovers in your friendship group, this rainbow pussy pop will help you lick it hard, lick it good and lick it like you know you should. You can thank us later.


Rainbow Pussy Pop

Rainbow pussy pop



Happy Pride Month to all who celebrate!