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Summer’s hottest new toy: remote vibrating eggs.

By: Scarlett

summer toys remote vibrating eggs

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Boiled or fried, we like ours with some serious vibe. Crack into discreet but seriously intense pleasure with the newest toy that everyone is talking about this summer: the remote controlled vibrating love egg.

Summer is here and things are heating up. Let’s not beat around the bush (or maybe we will, sounds like fun) summer is the peak season for turning up the sizzle. The best way to spark up things in the bedroom, either with your partner or simply to change things up for self care sessions, is variety. After all it is the spice of life. And who doesn’t love a bit of spice? Sprinkle that everywhere. So swap up your usual rotary of toys, and discover the joys of the newest and most versatile toy on the market right now.

Secret Vibe 2 Remote-Controlled Vibrating Egg

So what is a  remote love egg?


If you’re a fan of intense vaginal or clitoral stimulation, then this is going to be right up your street. Inserted into the vagina much in the same way as kegel ball, these toys are fantastic for couples whose kinks include edging or dominant/submissive play. One partner can take control to determine the intensity of the vibration through a remote control or an app, reducing the ripples at just the right moment to increase the play time, or to surprise with a sudden jolt when the other least expects it. Beg for more all you want, but it’s entirely up to the discretion of whoever is in control of the remote. Maybe if you’ve been well-behaved your dominant might just give you what you want- but only when they say so. When you’re done just pull on the cord to retrieve, wash, and repeat. Perfection.

Great for warming things up for foreplay or for keeping things interesting throughout your day, here’s our favourite remote control vibrating love eggs which we think will make the perfect addition to your collection. 

1. Secret Vibe 2 Remote-Controlled Vibrating Egg - £73.72 

Secret Vibe 2 Remote-Controlled Vibrating Egg

It's our worst-kept secret, but sharing is caring. What better way to let your partner know you’re thinking of them than to send a jolt of pleasure directly to their body with this remote-controlled vibrating egg? Equipped with 8 modes of vibration ranging from tantalising to absolutely toe-curling, the Secret Vibe 2 is the essential for a shared and long-lasting orgasm for both couples and solo-play. 


2. B Yours - silver power bullet - £13.63  

B Yours - Silver Power Bullet

With a price point everyone can agree with, this is the perfect model of vibrating love egg for beginners. Waterproof for some steamy water play in the shower or bath, it is also ultra versatile. Use it to tease in a hot foreplay session in any erogenous zone, then insert for more intense vibrations at any time. 


3. Under Control vibe egg - £67.25

Under Control Vibe Egg W/ Remote

Perfect for hand-free play, our top tip is to slip into the crotch of your underwear for external clitoral stimulation whilst completing menial tasks around the house and see how long you can keep that orgasm at bay. Who says ironing can’t be fun? 


4. Eager Egg - £81.24

Eager Egg

Subtle, compact, ribbed: meet your new best friend. This remote love egg doesn’t just vibrate, its silicone body thrusts and expands up to .25". Turned on yet? You will be.


Choose from our selection of the most delicious eggs you’re likely to see this side of Easter, and if you have any further questions remember you can contact a member of our expert team who can assist you in your choice.