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Aesthetic Dildos to Decorate Your Bedside Table

By: Bo


Aesthetic Dildos to Decorate Your Bedside Table

We all need a little spicy fun in our lives! That being said, you can get caught up in a busy schedule and forget to pencil in some personal time. An easy, stimulating solution? Create a tantalizing visual reminder by decorating your bedside table with all your aesthetic dildos!

Does the suggestion make you blush? We’re here for you. Below we’ll smash some taboos and share all the reasons why you should keep your dildos close. 

Chrystalino Gallant

Chrystalino Gallant


Why might people be nervous to keep their dildos on display? 

Traditionally, anything related to sex is supposed to be kept hidden and private. Displaying a neon dildo might seem like a good way to invite shame and judgment. While there might be those that might look at your new quirky dildo display with a side eye, you’re also giving them the opportunity to remind themselves to get some sexy time in. 

Basically, your display of soldiers standing at attention will bring your guests attention to their own sexual wellness. Where does this taboo come from in the first place? 

Cultural Taboo

The stigma around dildos is really an extension of the idea that acknowledgment of your sexuality is shameful. For hundreds of years sex was seen as impure and limited to monogamous, heterosexual relationships for the purpose of reproduction rather than pleasure. This was especially true in Western cultures. 

Thankfully, we’ve gotten a lot more open-minded and have begun to see sex as an integral part of our well-being.

Stigma in Relationships 

The use of sex toys in relationships can sometimes make partners feel inadequate or confused. On the contrary, dildos can help enhance intimacy and help spice things up! A dildo for her can empower partners to try topping, more comfortably reach deeper erogenous zones, or even play long-distance. Bring on the bluetooth. 

Njoy Fun Wand

Njoy Fun Wand


Why people shouldn’t be afraid to keep sextoys on show 

You don't need to shy away from using dildos and other sextoys as decorations. With sextoys now availale anyway from online retailers to your nearest retailer, sextoys are officially mainstream. Here are 5 reasons why you should have a dildo display on your bedside table. 

Breaks the ice when dating

Sextoy talk can make for exciting foreplay when talking to your new flame. Not only can bringing up your carefully curated glass dildo collection inspire curiosity, it can also bring on some serious snort giggles while showing you to be the fun, intelligent, confident fox you are. 

Chrystalino Massage

Chrystalino Massage

Good way to let them know what you're into (anal etc)

Made it to the bedroom? A pretty dildo display can be a colorful nudge that lets your play partner know that you’ve got a curious mind with a willingness to explore. Anal play, anyone? (Check out our introductory guide anal here!)

Makes them feel less secure knowing you're open to talk about sex

Saucy decor is a great way to help your partner open up to talking about sex. It lets them know that they’re safe because a person who openly (and proudly) displays their tools of pleasure is more likely to listen to the sexual desires of their partner. That’s a keeper. 

They're pretty - glow in the dark, glass, neon, rainbow flag etc

An aesthetic dildo is officially art. It’s true. They’re all over Etsy. So go ahead and use dildos as a way to express your personality! Into raves? Glow in the dark dildo. Are you all about the silly? How about a sextoy rubber duck? It’s a thing. 

Firefly Glass Smooth Ballsey Dildo - Glow In The Dark

Firefly Glass Smooth Ballsey Dildo - Glow In The Dark


Easy to reach during sex

And. Convenience. Which is the foundation to all modern progress. Period. 


Go ahead. Get your dildo craft on. Put your sexual personality on display. Let’s see what you’ve got.