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The Male Rose Sex Toy That’s Predicted To Take Social Media By Storm


The Male Rose

The Male Rose is our top prediction for penis toys this V day.


Chicks dig flowers, while men love socks and Lynx gift sets for Valentine’s Day, right? Wrong. It’s 2024, which means you can give (and receive) whatever your heart desires without subscribing to dated gender stereotypes. 

So, if presenting your big, hairy boyfriend with a bunch of sweet smelling roses gets you off, then you absolutely should treat the man in your life to fresh flowers. But let’s be honest, if you do decide to defy convention and give your man a bouquet to celebrate the day of love, while he will likely be touched emotionally, he’d probably prefer a blow job. 

Fortunately the sex tech industry has a soft side and spotted this gap in the market. So, now you can combine florals with male sex toys and give the man in your life the ultimate 21st century gift. Allow us to introduce you to the latest sex toy for men that we will predict will soon be taking social media by storm: The Male Rose.

The One Suction Stroker

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What is the male rose sex toy?

That’s right folks, this clever men’s sex toy is both a romantic rose and a powerful penis sucking masturbation stroker with vibrating and thrusting action, all in one easy handheld shaft. Better yet, give this thrusting flower to your lover this Valentine’s Day and you get to dodge your blowjob responsibilities for another year and save yourself from lockjaw. Win-win.

If you’re new to the world of men’s sex toys, the Male Rose is super easy to get to grips with. It’s a pleasantly warm stroker designed to mimic the feel of authentic oral sex, just like a real blow job. But it comes with the added bonus of vibrating, rotating and thrusting in a way that no human orifice could ever deliver. Intrigued? Let’s dive in…

Female rose sex toy comparison

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a bush you’ll have heard about The Rose – the bestselling clitoral stimulation sex toy for women that uses pressure wave technology to suck her clit to orgasmic perfection. 

The One Rose

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The Male Rose works along similar lines, using a heady combination of stroking, vibrating and thrusting action to tug him off. Combine the two on your next date and we can all but guarantee your most mutually orgasmic Valentine’s Day yet. 

How the Male Rose sex toy differs from masturbation sleeves

Arguably there’s no such thing as a bad penis sex toy. Male masturbators have a wealth of proven benefits and most gadgets on the market will get him off. But while traditional masturbation sleeves will stimulate his shaft like a hand job, the Male Rose takes masturbation for men one step further.

Thanks to its dual vibrating and thrusting action, the inviting silicone petals will draw him in, while the textured nubs inside deliver intense sensations and stimulation along his shaft that promise to make him climax in record time.

How do I use the Male Rose sex toy?

If you’re the penis-haver and you’re looking for tips on how to use the Male Rose, you’ve come to the right place. 

There are no rules – you can use your male stroker in any way that takes your fancy – but to get the best from your suction masturbator it pays to follow the guidelines:

  • To get started, slather plenty of water-based lube onto your shaft.
  • For best results, start slowly and take your time.
  • Select the first setting on the easy to use control panel and slip inside.
  • Experiment with the settings until you find the shoe that fits. 
  • Simply hold the Male Rose and let is suck, thrust and rotate you to a shuddering orgasm.

Check out also the Rotation Stroker, a variation on the Male Rose that everyone is going crazy for! 

The One Rotating Stroker

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