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Touching yourself doesn't have to be a solo sport


Mutual masturbation: touching yourself doesn't have to be a solo sport

Mutual masturbation: touching yourself doesn't have to be a solo sport

When I think about you I touch myself 

What is mutual masturbation?

The benefits of masturbation are well documented, with improved mood, stress relief, a self-esteem boost and even better sleep on the menu. But have you ever enjoyed a self-pleasure session for two? 

Nothing beats a good old wank we know, but the benefits of sharing your masturbation sessions with a trusted lover might just blow your mind. Aside from being the ultimate live-action porn party, mutual masturbation can work wonders for your sex life and transform your intimate relationships to boot… Keep scrolling for everything you need to know about touching yourself for two.

Why mutual masturbation is great for people in relationships

Do you know how to turn your partner on? Sure, you think you do. But the best way to find out what really makes your lover tick in the bedroom is to get them to show you how it’s done. What’s more, foreplay is often the best part, and this way you both get to prolong the suspense. Mutual masturbation is truly a treat for the senses and we guarantee that touching simultaneously will get you both in the mood.

Builds intimacy and trust

Masturbation is usually a solo sport that’s practiced at home when you’re alone and fancy some sweet relief. In many ways, we’re at our most vulnerable while we’re engaging in self pleasure. So sharing the love with your partner and watching each other rub one out is just about the most intimate and sensual thing you can do together.

Teaches your partner what you like

Learning each other’s desires is a subtle art that often takes time and patience. But watching each other touching simultaneously is one surefire way to learn how you both like to be stroked and a great way to brush up on your masturbation techniques too. Hard and fast? Slow and deep? Keep watching and you’ll learn a lot about your partner in these intimate moments.

Release your inner voyeur/exhibitionist

Hands up who loves porn? Sure, we all enjoy watching sex on screen. But it takes guts to put on a show for your beloved and even people who’ve been married for years sometimes feel self-conscious in front of their other halves. So, one way to perform (and watch) your very own live action sex show is to do it together. If you’re both being brave and touching yourself in front of each other you’re in the same boat. And when you make eye contact across the room, boy are things about to get steamy.

It looks hot and can push you over the edge to orgasm

Perhaps the best thing about mutual masturbation is that you’re touching yourself in exactly the way you like while also enjoying the sexy show. It looks and feels so hot, you’ll both be climaxing in minutes. And what’s the one thing that’s better than an orgasm? Two orgasms, of course.

It's versatile and can be incorporated into other sex situations like threesomes 

There are no rules when it comes to self-pleasure, and enjoying touching yourself is not only a great spectator sport, it’s really fun to enjoy in group sex sessions too. Mix it up and experiment with friends and see who climaxes quickest. Or can you all come together? Game, set and match.

How to set the scene

The secret to a satisfying mutual masturbation session is to first set the scene. So, dim the lights, prepare the room and get ready for the steamiest night of your life.

Dress the room

When it comes to great sex imagination is everything. And one surefire way to get your mind wondering is to set the scene. Make sure the room is quiet so you won’t be disturbed, plump the pillows, dim the lights and start slow.

Make out

The best way to get the party started is to kiss. Snogging is one of the world’s most underrated activities that everyone enjoys, so take time to kiss gently before you venture into kinkier territory. 

Introduce lube

Feeling anxious about what’s going to happen next? A pea-sized blob of lube is the best way to oil the wheels and make things extra slippery and delicious.

Keep your toys nearby

Keep your fave sex toys within reach so that you can use one on yourself while your partner watches or vice versa. Can that entire length slide in all the way? Watch and you’ll soon find out…

Positions to try for mutual masturbation

Positioning is everything when it comes to making the most of your mutual masturbation session, so make sure you have loads of plump pillows and comfy places to sit before you get stuck in. Opposite ends of the bed or sofa is a great place to start.

Full frontal

You want to be able to watch the action unfold, so make sure you can see each other properly before you slide in and get started. Full frontal is the perfect way to enjoy the show while making the most of your hands.

Side by side

That said, if you or your partner is feeling shy, side-by-side on the sofa is a sensual way to enjoy mutual masturbation without the intensity of eye contact. You can start by touching yourself, before sneaking a curious hand over to your partner and having a stroke.


The missionary position might seem a bit vanilla, but if you’re locked in a sensual embrace while also rubbing yourself, this simple position can be surprisingly effective. Mutual orgasms pretty much guaranteed. 

Toys to help you out

Using your hands is always a great way to start, but moving onto sex toys can turn the heat up.

Couples toys 

The sex tech industry knows a thing or two about self-pleasure, and now you can buy all manner of sex toys for couples designed to get you both off in tandem. Fancy some clitoral-targeted penetrative sex? Treat yourself to a vibrating cock ring. Or if you’re in a really naughty mood, these silicone anal beads will make for a great spectator sport and target your Gspot to boot.

Clitoral suckers 

It’s hard to give (or receive) cunnilingus and watch at the same time. But if you’re a voyeur at heart, using a clitoral sucker can be a surprisingly powerful way to enjoy mutual masturbation. And you can use it during penetrative sex too. You can thank us later.


If you like the idea of touching yourself but prefer the feel of being tugged off, slip your dick into a masturbator and let the ridges and canals get to work on your shaft. Or if you’re the spectator, enjoy the visuals of your man dipping his rock hard erection into a masturbation sleeve. Better yet, use it for foreplay and then climb onboard for the main event.