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Can Masturbation increase your libido?


Can Masturbation increase your libido?

Can Masturbation increase your libido?

Solo pleasure is the secret to increasing your sex drive

What is a libido?

The term libido, which is a Latin word meaning "desire” or “lust" was originally used by the
Godfather of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud to make sense of his saucy musings. Fast-forward
100 years or so and it’s now widely used to refer to your sex drive.
If Freud’s theories float your boat, you’ve probably got some pretty kinky ideas up your sleeve…
But if your sex drive has been flagging lately, we have good news for you. As there’s one
surefire way to boost your libido and you don’t need a partner to do it. That’s right folks, solo
pleasure is good for your sex drive and we are here to show you how.

How can masturbation increase your libido?

Need a leg up in the bedroom? From beating your meat, to double clicking your mouse or
rubbing one out, whatever you choose to call it, masturbation is officially good for your sex life
and self-pleasure will make you feel more horny.

Turn your sexual pilot light on

According to sex and relationship therapist Megan Fleming, PhD, solo pleasure can actually
help keep your sexual pilot light on and help you maintain your desire. Similar to the way your
old boiler never switches off completely, this basically means wanking more often keeps you
ever-ready for sex time. What more excuses do you need?

Release oxytocin

The hormone oxytocin, AKA the love hormone, is a magical elixir that your body releases during
a number of intimate moments including breastfeeding, snogging, skin-to-skin contact and
masturbation. What’s more, it creates an instant fuzzy feeling that makes everything feel good.
And the more oxytocin you create, the more horny you are likely to feel. Don’t believe us? Go
and have a wank and see how good you feel afterwards.

Improved sleep

Another unusual health benefit of spanking your monkey on the regular is it improves your
sleep. And what happens when you sleep better? Everything in the world feels good and
everyone benefits! Including your sexual partners. So hit the sack now and get busy, you can
thank us later.

Other sex tips to get you in the mood

Lost your appetite? Self-love isn’t the only secret to boosting your libido. Try a few of our tips
and you’ll soon be revved up and ready for action:


Massage incorporates skin-to-skin touch, which gets the oxytocin production going, not to
mention makes you feel all oiled up and relaxed. And what does that lead to? Better sex of
course. Rub me up baby. We’re big fans of this strawberry massage oil for combining sensation
play with sensual touch.


It’s a little known fact that roleplay can have an electric impact on your libido. Research has
found that indulging in casual sex with a new partner boosts men’s sperm count and makes
them produce higher quality gism when they have sex with a new partner. But if you’re a faithful
lover and don’t want to cheat on your other half, you can hack the system. Simply encourage
each other to dress up, and you can persuade your unconscious mind that you’re boinking
someone new. This untamed cat costume will definitely do the trick. Meow.

BDSM time

Bored of the same old routine? Adding some sexy accessories or a bit of slap and tickle into the
mix can have surprising results for your sex drive. And don’t worry, BDSM doesn’t mean you
have to build a sex dungeon and buy a gimp suit to get involved. Simply experiment with power
play or try some light spanking and you might be surprised by the results.

Trying sensation play/temperature play

Sex with the lights on is all fun and games, but if you’ve ever done it in the pitch dark you will
know how much this accentuates your other senses and makes sexy time feel extra potent. This
same rule applies to sensation and temperature play. Simply turn up the heat or experiment with
different senses and you’ll be surprised how sexy it feels.

Trying out a sexy game with your partner

If you’re in a long term relationship it’s very normal for your sex life to become formulaic. When
you know each other inside out there are no surprises so it can quickly get routine. But one sexy
hack that can make you both playful and silly again is the addition of a fun sex game. A simple
roll of the sex dice can fire up even the most predictable couples. Or if you’re in the mood to
push the envelope, we can recommend a game of Domin8 for a really wild night of power play
and sexual exploration.

If you're not in the mood but still want to be sensual and connect physically try these:

Massage oils

One super easy way to get sensual and intimate without pushing the boat out is to rub each
other down with sensual oils. And you can ease out some painful knots in the process, win-win.
Or if you’re alone tonight, simply add a couple of drops of massage oil to your palm for a
sensual rub down.

Bath Accessories

Nothing says sexy time like the addition of some well chosen bath time accessories in a nice hot
tub. And to turn up the heat when you’re flying solo, all you need is a squirting dong douche.
Solo play has never been so much fun.