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An ABC glossary of LGBQTIA+ terms


Your A to Z of the terms commonly used by LGBTQIA+ people and their allies

Why know these terms?

The LGBTQIA+ family is as varied as the colours of the rainbow (hence the flag). As such, it comes with a kaleidoscope of definitions related to gender identity and sexual orientation, some of which you might have heard and some that you may not be familiar with.

Before we get started it’s worth explaining: gender identity is the gender that a person sees themselves as, which can differ from the gender a person is assigned at birth. Meanwhile sexual orientation is the part of a person’s identity that relates to who they are attracted to emotionally, romantically, and/or sexually.

There is much diversity within the LGBTQIA+ community, so it’s worth getting your head around these terms to understand the complex landscape of gender and sexuality and to make everyone feel valued, respected and loved.

Our LGBTQIA+ glossary provides definitions for a few of the most common terns, but if we’ve missed any out, don’t be shy! Let us know what else you’d like to include. Everyone is welcome here.

A - is for Asexual – AKA ace – a person of any gender who experiences little, or no, sexual attraction. But don’t leave aces out in the cold! They can still experience physical or romantic attraction, and just like everyone here aces need love too.

B - is for Bisexual, which means being attracted to more than one gender. Historically being bi meant fancying both men and women, but times are changing and now it can incorporate people who identify as pansexual, queer, fluid or any label that fits the bill.

C - is for Cockring, the king of sex toys. Simply slip it on on your shaft for stronger, harder and longer lasting erections. 


Ouch! Glow in the Dark Cock Ring and Ball Strap

Ouch! Glow in the Dark Cock Ring and Ball Strap



D - is for Deepthroating, a big hit with penis-havers. This oral sex technique involves sucking their entire penis with your mouth so that it reaches the back of your throat. You do risk triggering your gag reflex, so take it slowly. And for extra thrills, maintain steady eye contact while you’re down there.

E - is for Enby, a phonetic pronunciation of the letters NB that stand for ‘non-binary’, meaning people who identify with more than one gender, no gender at all, or have a fluctuating gender identity that changes like the wind.

F - Girlie girls, gather round! F is for Femme lesbian, which means women who love women who identify as traditionally feminine, compared to their masculine (AKA butch) sisters.

G - is for Genderfluid. Does your gender identity shift on the daily or change with the weather? If you move between masculine, feminine, or nonbinary identities or you’re simply undecided, it’s all good baby. You belong here and we love you.

H - Heteronormativity works on the assumption that everyone is 'naturally' heterosexual (yawn) and that heterosexuality is the ideal sexual orientation and therefore superior to homosexuality or any other sexual orientation on the LGBTQIA+ kaleidoscope. If this works for you, knock yourself out. But never forget that love is love.

I - If your anatomy doesn't fit into either male or female sex binary, intersex is the umbrella term used to describe the differences in sex traits or reproductive anatomy. You can be born with these differences or develop them in childhood as human bodies evolve in all manner of magical ways, and we are here for it.

K - is for Kink – which includes unconventional sexual proclivities. Does Kink have a place at Pride? You decide for yourself. But whatever gets you off, there is no shame in being a kinkster and we salute you.

L - Lesbians have many definitions, but this term is most often defined as a sexual or romantic orientation in which women are attracted to other women.

M - Hello boys! Do you feel most at home with the lads? If you identify in a typically masculine way, you might call yourself Masc.

N - Give it up for the Non-binary finery! If you’re NB you might identify as no gender, all the genders, or have a fluctuating gender identity that is separate from sexual or romantic orientation.

O - Are you ready to tell your mum that you’re gay? Coming ‘out of the closet’ is a metaphor used to describe self-disclosure of your sexual or romantic orientation or gender identity to pretty much anyone, and it’s an important journey. When, where and even if you choose to come out at all is nobody’s business but your own. So, protect your space and you-do-you sugar tits.

P - High 5 for the Polyamory crew! People who practice consensual non-monogamy involving multiple (sexual or romantic) relationships with the full consent of all parties involved have busier social calendars than most, but a whole lotta love to give.

Q - Q is for Queen AKA Drag Queen, and we love to watch her slay! Drag queens are men who dress in women’s clothes and put on a show, and boy do those Queens know how to party!

R - Your romantic orientation refers to your attractions or desires. Along with sexual orientation, it’s an important part of a person’s orientation identity and frankly, anything goes.

S - You can sit absolutely anywhere on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum and still love the feeling of being penetrated. Don’t have a penis to hand? No problem! All you need is a strap-on and a sense of adventure. 



Ouch! Realistic 8

Ouch! Realistic 8" Strap-On



T - To be Transgender means your gender identity is different from the gender that you were assigned at birth. It feels like the whole world is weighing in on Transgender rights these days without giving much thought to human rights. ​​Trans people deserve love, support and age-appropriate care just as much as anyone, so show some love for our trans family.

W - All the womxn who independent, throw your hands up at me! Womxn is a gender-inclusive term that includes non-binary people and transgender people, and we are here for it.

X - Is your gender beyond the realms of human understanding? If you feel more like a fish than a man or you relate hard to snowdrops, teapots, or shooting stars over traditional gender constructs, we hear you. Xenogender is a non-binary identity that incorporates whatever your heart desires.

Z - Just like he/him, she/her and they/them, ze/zir are pronouns that transgender, non-binary or gender-non-conforming people might use. And if it makes you happy, that’s all that matters. Love is love and we love you zir.