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Electrastim, founded in 2001, is a specialist manufacturer of erotic electro stimulators, electrodes, base units, and other e-stim accessories. The company’s aim is to offer unique and electrifying sexual experiences building on years of knowledge and the founders’ specialist background in neuromuscular stimulation. With continuously driving technological innovation and development in electro-sex stimulation, Electrastim have managed to grow its global success and popularity and became the winner of multiple industry awards in recent years. The company’s recent addition to the ever-growing Electrastim range was the Jack Socket Electro Stroker that was the first of its kind in the male sex toy industry offering an electro-masturbation experience that combines stroking with throbbing erotic electrostimulation for the ultimate cock-play. Designed and manufactured in the UK, Electrastim items are built to the highest safety and quality standards and offer an upgradeable 12-months warranty. So, whether you are an e-stim pro or a beginner, have a look at our Electrastim range below and treat yourself to a high quality, expertly designed and manufactured erotic electro-stimulator unit from the UK’s leading online sex toy shop!