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The Bathmate hydro penis pumps use a revolutionary water-powered vacuum system to offer permanent, visible and significant penis enlargement. Originally developed in 2004 in the UK as an aid for erectile dysfunction, the Bathmate brand was established in 2006 with the successful launch of the Bathmate Hercules, an effective penis enlargement tool promising gains of 1-3 inch in length and 30% in girth. The hydro pump technology facilitates the flow of oxygen rich blood to the penis expanding the erectile chambers and encouraging permanent growth after just 1-3 months of regular workout. Comfortable, easy and convenient to use, Bathmate sessions can easily be integrated with your daily hygiene routine in the bath or shower. Choose your next best mate – the original Hercules is perfect for beginners while the Hydromax X30 offers a premium option for pump aficionados. Only the best for your pride and joy, get bigger and stronger with a Bathmate pump today, from the UK’s leading online sex toy shop!