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Loving Joy Remote Control Wireless Egg

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Loving Joy Remote Control Wireless Egg.

Rating: 80/100 based on 4 review(s)
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For amazing remote control pleasure, the Loving Joy Remote Control Egg is an experience not to be missed! This super smooth vibrating egg with remote control has 10 amazing functions - plenty for you or your partner to enjoy scrolling through with ease. The egg features a retrieval cord and can be placed inside your underwear or inside the vagina or anus - whatever your pleasure! The remote control will either allow you to control the vibration, pulsation and escalation with ease or your partner to control your destination from a distance. Brilliant for versatile solo play or couple play. Highly recommended!


  • Material: ABS
  • Power: 3x N size batteries (included)
  • 10 functions – 3 speeds, 7 pulses
  • Retrieval cord for safe use
  • Remote control for hands-free or partnered play

10 Functions Retrieval Cord Remote Control Velvet Soft Material Small & Discreet

Please make sure you store the egg in a twisted open position after use. This prevents the batteries from draining due to the egg constantly connecting to the remote control.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Loving Joy
SKU N7530
Colour Pink
Size (Imperial) Egg: 7.5cm x 4cm , Control: 7cm x 3cm
Size (Metric) Egg: 2.95" x 1.57", Control: 2.75" x 1.18"
Product Rating No
Material Plastic
Feel Hard, Smooth
Cat11's reviewReview by Cat11
The remote has a mind of its own & only works when it wants to. We have to take the battery cover off & fiddle with the batteries every time we want to use it, which can kill the mood a wee bit.
It is easy to insert & once we got it working we did have some fun. I wore it around the house & while I was cooking dinner. My fiance took great pleasure in the fact that he was in control & it works well as a lovely build up to a leisurely night of playing & love making.
The different vibration settings are fun & some are deliciously intense, throwing me slightly off track mid cooking & conversation.
It's very easy to clean. A nice little toy for first timers, but a bit over priced we think! (Posted on 03/04/2013)
Islandlover's reviewReview by Islandlover
I could not wait to recieve this and had some great images in my head about how we would use this toy. We bought it to take on holiday and hoped it would add to the fun.

We really enjoyed using it but found it a little boring to be honest and it lacked that edge that we were looking for, but we have used alot of toys and would reccomend this for beginners only.

We are not giving up on this though and will continue to use and experiment with it. (Posted on 03/04/2013)
Toxycat's reviewReview by Toxycat
Having never tried anything from the range before I was looking forward to trying the Remote Control Egg mainly because:

I could hand control over to my partner ( I can already picture his evil face)

I like the look of the product

I have never tried a remote controlled egg before

So to the product itself:
The set comes in a rather appealing little box....with the egg and remote being fully visible at the front. The main emphasis on the product is '10 amazing functions' .......along with 'batteries included' ...(always a plus point) and a '20 metre range'.... but most importantly..'retrieval cord' ......thank god for that I thought, don't fancy explaining that one down at A&E.

The egg is part of the Loving Joy 'Handbag Handies' range which means its small and discreet enough to pop in your handbag...... another plus point, meaning fun on the run!! So we thought we'd test this theory and pop out to a restaurant for the evening to try it!!

The egg itself is skin safe, phthalate and latex free. It has a smooth surface, slightly tapered to aid insertion and comes with the all important pull string..which isn't that long..... be wary of the fact!!!

The remote that comes with it is in the same sleek design with simple controls...off button and a on+ button which means you keep pressing it to cycle through the speed functions.

Also comes with quite a cute clip which means you can clip it anywhere...and being such a inconspicuous little device...other people will be none the wiser as to its real function!!

Eager to try the speeds before use, I switched it on. It has various cycles including pulsation and escalation with the vibrations feeling pretty strong in a few of the cycles....so something to suit everyone.

Test night: I went to insert the egg, which I have to say wasn't easy and took a few goes (and lube) but finally in. I then handed the power to my other half...who just smiled!!...he was going to enjoy this more than me i think!!! Off we went like excited school kids for a meal!!

The whole plus point of this product is that you give someone else control of your pleasure..the whole anticipation of not knowing when he was going to press it is a big turn on..but also great fun. This is a light hearted toy and should be used that way!!

So anyway we sat there for a bit....nothing....so i eventually relaxed and then ...'bam' he got me!!!...I sort of startle jumped in my seat as i wasn't expecting it...(thankfully you can't hear anything).....my other half couldn't stop laughing....he then did it again....but left it on for longer.....i tried to sit there all demure without squirming in my seat.... I just couldn't stop giggling though and sat there staring intently at him to 'SWITCH IT OFF' !!....I must have looked mental!!

He was obviously getting off on the visual show as he did it several more times and then bam... all of a sudden it stopped working. The red light on the remote flashed but the egg was not responding, was it the batteries???...surely they couldn't have run out that quick. My other half had a fiddle about with the remote but nothing. Such a disappointment as this toy has great potential and we had such a laugh up to this point. Perhaps it was just a fault with the remote function...who knows!!

I think its unfair for me to judge this product because of that, could simply be a fault somewhere with the remote function. Be interesting to see if anyone else has had the same problem though.

Going by the short time it did work....was it a turn on???..well in a word yes...the vibrations were quite strong on certain cycles...but its the whole anticipation of not knowing when he would press it which makes it exciting....and also using it in public adds a whole other naughty dimension to the play!!

Has the fault put me off purchasing the egg or another similar...well in a word no!! This is such a fun concept and I'll always give the benefit of the doubt with adult products. I've had faulty ones in the past...its just the way it goes. The great thing about Sextoys is their customer service is excellent..and you know instantly you could either get a replacement or a refund if wanted!!

All in all a great little toy....pity about the fault on my model. (Posted on 03/04/2013)
Matt & Sarah's reviewReview by Matt & Sarah
We bought this so we could use it when we were out at dinner. Matt had the control while it was inside me.


There are 10 different vibration modes and as he was scrolling through them across the table it was really hard to keep quiet and still. I had multiple orgasms and have never had an experience quite like it.

We have now made it our mission to take it with us to as many public places as we can.

Highly recommended! (Posted on 03/04/2013)

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