This week on Vibe TV – 25 June 2010

Jackmaster – revolutionary masturbator for £24.99!

This week at we have a big promotion.  So big in fact, we just had to get the state of the art Jackmaster on camera.   The Jackmaster Masturbator is a revolutionary masturbator that looks as good as it feels.

It comes in a discreet travel case with cover, open it up to reveal a soft jelly insert adorned with various stimuli ready for you to push yourself inside and discover pleasure like never before.

As you thrust in and out of the sumptuous dual sided jelly pleasure canals, you will benefit from the ridges, ticklers and nubs that engulf you.

Control the pressure simply by clutching your Jackmaster tighter on the pressure control pads on the outside. Have it as snug or loose as you like.

And, when you’re done, Jackmaster unclips at the side for easy cleaning. Add water based lube for a mind blowing session!

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