Rach’s Tips on how to be a Pleasure Presenter



I’m so excited that anybody can now be a Pleasure Presenter and from the comfort of their own home.  Just think, I get to watch  you guys!

My job may look easy, but if you want to be a really good Pleasure Presenter then there’s some things you need to do.

Below I’ve listed some tips on how to make your videos fun, informative and as natural as possible. So here goes…

  • If you are demonstrating a product then you need to know what you are talking about.  And that people, means you need to get lots of practice in! Oh the joys of being a pleasure presenter eh! ; ) The more you know the products the easier it will be for you to tell your audience all about them.
  • Look presentable. I like to paint my nails, make my hair look half decent and not do videos 2 minutes after I’ve rolled out of bed!  At the moment our videos are getting about 1,000 views EVERY DAY and you never know who’s watching.  Also, I wouldn’t want to take advice from  someone who looked…… shabby, would you?
  • Clear your space. We want to focus on you and where applicable, the product you are presenting, not your laundry, paperwork and anything else that may be lurking behind you……
  • Think about what you would like to know about a product/ toy if you had never seen it, touched it, or tried it before. Explain the shape and design and what you like about it. How does it feel? What material has it been made with?  Show us how it works and what it does. (This is where all the practice comes in handy) The more you have handled and played with your toy, the more confident you will be and the viewers will believe what you’re saying.
  • Explain how to clean your product and what lube to use with it. If you are unsure after reading all the information that comes with the toy, call one of the Sex Toys  customer service team. For example, remember, silicone toys can never be used  with a silicone lube.
  • And don’t forget the rules  guys!  We won’t post anything obscene or inappropriate, so fully clothed please and choose your language wisely.
  • If your video is a sex tip or informative piece, as well as your personal experience you may want to do some research on the subject to make your video as interesting as possible.
  • Most importantly be yourself and have fun! The best videos are those that are natural, interesting, informative  and full of your character and personality. Tell us everything you love about your item, what makes it different, what things stand out to you and so on.  Do you have any tips of your own on how best to use it? How reasonable is the price? You get the idea…

I know you’re all going to be fantastic and I’m super excited about watching your videos.

Hope you’re all happy, healthy and keeping it sexy (of course)

Rach xXx

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