Sex toy sale roundup – what could you buy with these smoking hot savings?

For a limited time, there’s a smoking hot 20% off everything at SexToys. What’s that in real terms? Well, let’s have a look at some of the best sex toys, and how much you can save if you bag them in the next couple of weeks…

I am shameless about bargain hunting. I am one of those people who reads the MoneySavingExpert email in fine detail every week, and keeps an eagle eye out for when shampoo is discounted, so I can stockpile enough cheap stuff to last until Armageddon. One of the reasons I love SexToys is because they do not mess about when it comes to price, and this month they’re being far more generous than usual. I can only assume that the heat has got to them, but let’s make the most of it while it lasts. Here are some excellent sex toys, along with how much you can get off them if you use the code HEAT20 in the next month.

Doxy massager

Yes, I am mentioning it again. And I am going to keep mentioning it until every single person on the planet has heard of it, and everyone who wants one, has one. It’s amazing. Powerful, mains-powered (so no messing around with batteries), and strong enough to give me the kind of orgasms that have even my neighbours begging for mercy.

What will you save?

The Doxy’s currently priced at £89.95, so with 20% off you’ll get it for £72, saving you £18 in total.

What will that buy you?

With the £18 saving you could treat yourself to a couple of bottles of seriously nice wine, to sip in the garden while you appreciate the weather. Or for something sexier, you could include a sensual massage candle, to get you in the mood to use your awesome new sex toy.

Icicles textured glass dildo

This glass dildo is amazing – the ridges and bumps give a genuinely unique sensation, and what’s more it pairs really nicely with the Doxy to give internal and clitoral stimulation. If, like me, you want to get your money’s worth out of every single toy. What’s more, it doubles up as a handy device to keep cool on a sunny day: stick it in a glass with ice, and apply to your forehead when the temperature rises above 30 degrees.

What will you save?

It’s currently priced at £39.95, so you’ll save £7.99 if you buy it using the HEAT20 code.

What will that buy you?

Just enough left over to buy plenty of strawberries and cream to enjoy during Wimbledon, or (more realistically) a bottle of lube to get you started.

WeVibe 4 Plus

I can’t not mention this couples sex toy, because it’s one of the most searched-for sex toys at the moment, not to mention one of the most unique and innovative. It’s designed to be used either during solo play or as a couple, with internal and external stimulation, as well as a phone app that you use to control the vibrations.

What will you save?

It costs £114.95 at the moment, but using the code you’ll only pay £91.96, saving you just under £23.

What will that buy you?

Well, if you have a voucher, £23 will get you a day in one of the Merlin theme parks, or a cheap Ryanair flight to Malaga. Unfortunately during the summer holidays both of these places will be so busy you’ll want to go straight home anyway, so you might be better spending your savings on something to play with at home instead. How about this amazing Fetish Fantasy harness (which I don’t yet own but I NEED like flowers need sunlight)?

Pulse II Duo

What’s that? You have a penis and you’re feeling left out? Come back! I have cool things for you too. The Pulse II is the next-gen version of the original Pulse male masturbator. It’s a cool, vibrating toy that wraps around your penis and stimulates you to orgasm. What’s more, it looks like the kind of thing Batman would masturbate with, and a guy once reviewed it for my blog and was so enthusiastic I thought I might need to check on him lest he accidentally wanked himself into a coma.

What will you save?

The Pulse costs £88.95, so with the 20% off code you’ll get it for just over £70, saving a smidge under £18.

What will that buy you?

Two words: paddling pool. You can pick up a cheap pool on Amazon, and if that doesn’t help you cool down then I don’t know what will. Still, if you live in a flat or the outdoors isn’t your thing, then your saved cash is enough to get you a brilliant prostate stimulator: combine with the Pulse for double the pleasure.

I could go on like this for hours. Mainly because, along with my penchant for bargain hunting I am also a raging pervert, and now I’ve lost myself in the ‘guys toys’ section I could be there for quite some time, working out what I want to buy to use on the next willing gentleman. In the meantime, though, all you need to know is this: everything is 20% off, there are some mega-bargains to be had, and if you’ve been wavering on buying something then now is definitely the time.

HEAT20: use it at the checkout, and enjoy your purchases, and use the money you’ve saved to make your summer just that extra bit more fun.


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