Get a free male masturbator (and make the most of it!)

Did you know that right now you can get a free Pearl Palm Pleasure Masturbator? Here’s how to get yours, and a few tips on making the most of it!

If you spend over £40 on the site at the moment, you’ll get a Pearl Palm Pleasure masturbator totally free. What’s more, we’ve got some awesome male masturbator tips and tricks to help you make the most of your shiny new toy…

Lube is vital

Before you get started, make sure you’ve got a bottle of lube to hand. For a toy like the Pearl Palm, you’ll want to use a decent water-based lube – there are lots available to choose from!

Lube up your penis, and add a bit of lube to the toy itself. You can put a squirt of lube at the entrance and spread it with your finger, or just get stuck in straight away and use the movement of your penis to spread it. Depending on how long your session is, you might want to top up on lube part-way through, so keep the bottle to hand!


The great thing about male masturbators is they’re so versatile. Often using a masturbator can help you break out of the routine you might be used to when you’re just using your hands.

The Palm Pearl Pleasure Masturbator has soft ridges inside, which will give you a brand new sensation. Start off slowly, and try to experiment with different speeds – slower means you’ll feel each and every ridge as it runs along the most sensitive parts of your penis. You can also test different grips – some guys find that using a masturbator gives them a chance to break away from the super-tight ‘death grip’ which often becomes a habit.

Play with your partner

Sadly male sex toys often still have a stigma attached – while most couples now are happy bringing vibrators, dildos and cock rings into their bedroom, lots of men are shy about using their new toy in front of a partner. Even though lots of people find watching men get off incredibly sexy.

If you want to play with your partner, try introducing the toy during foreplay – ask them to use it on you, or to test out different speeds and techniques to bring you to the edge of an awesome climax.

Other masturbators…

One of the key problems with male masturbators is that they’re so good you often just can’t get enough of them! Once you’ve experienced the texture of the Pearl Palm Pleasure Masturbator, you may want to test out some of the other incredible masturbators on the market.

  • Fleshlight is the most recognised brand of masturbators, and they do a huge range of different types: ones designed to mimic the feeling of a vagina or mouth or anus, as well as more abstract ones.
  • Tenga are cool gadgets and often come with patterns and textures you could never experience ‘in the wild’, so to speak.
  • And if you need a bit of vibration with your masturbation, then the Pulse II Solo is a ‘guybrator’ that’s out of this world.

Don’t forget, if you spend over £40 you get a Pearl Palm Pleasure Masturbator free – so why not fill your cart with a selection of masturbators, and give yourself a worthy treat?

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