Building the passion this Valentine’s Day

Not long now – Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us! And if you’re still looking to create the perfect treat for your loved one, look no further than this guest blog by A Husband’s Passion…

Valentine’s Day can be a special time to created romance, passion, and reignite a feeling long forgotten.  It’s a time you can let your partner know that you are still hot for them and that you will be willing to do whatever it takes to reignite the spark that may have fizzled over time as the rest of life has gotten in the way.

Last year I made a resolution to make my wife and romance a priority in our lives.  This is a great time to start doing that, and it all starts with the little things.

Lighting the Match  

So much of romance and our sexual chemistry is mental.  Chances are having flowers delivered to her office isn’t going to lead to be best sex you’ve ever had that night.  You need to light the match before you fuel the fire. Every day try to do something nice for each other.

  • Pack their lunch
  • Leave little love notes in places they will find later
  • Bring flowers home and keep them fresh
  • Bring home a coffee or snack that they will enjoy

Fan the Flames

As you do these things, make sure to continue to grow that spark into a flame.  Without oxygen, a flame will die out, but if you blow on the flame too hard, it will die out as well.

  • Compliment them daily, pick out something new everyday – accomplishments, looks, a great meal, anything they do.
  • Finish each compliment with a kiss, it’s nice to hear words of affection and have a physical reward with it as well
  • Write more detailed love notes, mail them to work or even home as a surprise
  • Plan a quiet evening, get a sitter if necessary.  Have a night where you just enjoy each other’s company and talk.
  • Make out! When was the last time you honestly just made out with each other? You’ll probably like it, and see where it takes you.

Add Fuel to the Fire

If things are going well, you are probably being more affectionate, jumping in the shower with each other, trying to put the kids to bed early, and having better sex.  It’s time to get that fire nice and hot! This is the time to start spicing things up, if you haven’t already!

Buy Lingerie – I love buying lingerie, in fact I buy nearly all the lingerie my wife has. Keep your partner’s desires and comforts in mind.  While there is nothing I love more than the corset with matching pantiesgarter belt and stockings, it may not be your partner’s preferred style.

If you know your partner likes that, then great, go for it! I traditionally buy my wife a chemise or baby doll that is sexy to me, but comfortable to her.  If it’s something that she likes, you can probably get her to wear it to bed on a regular basis.  Know her sizes and her styles.

If you are buying a matching bra and panties, don’t buy her the g-string or thong if she doesn’t like them.  Know the style of bra she prefers and where she buys them. When you see your partner in sexy lingerie you think they look like the model you saw, but she may not think she does.  Compliment her and don’t immediately rip it off.  Watch a sexy movie, give her a massage, and keep it on during foreplay.

Play a Sexy Game – These are fun and great foreplay.  They can really set the mood, and can be very simple as well.  We have lots of fun with our Love Dice game! It’s also not too hard to make up your own game with a deck of cards or a pair of dice.  Assign each number or card a certain action to do to each other, remove a piece of clothing, or use a toy for a short length of time.  The longer you draw it out, the more you will want each other! Chances are, you won’t finish the game, you’ll have a moment of passion you just can’t quit!  Have fun with it!

Watch a Sexy Movie – Don’t be afraid to push boundaries here, but don’t disgust your partner either.  There are more and more adult movies being geared towards women and couples with a higher quality than what you think of.  If you’ve watched 50 Shades of Grey together, and you thought there was something missing or the sex scenes left you longing for more, look into the Submission of Emma Marx Trilogy.  This trilogy of movies was directed by Jacky St James, a female director, and is a very similar story line to 50 Shades.  The quality is high, the sex scenes can still get a little long, but it can provide great foreplay. The third installment, The Submission of Emma Marx: Exposed comes out in February just in time for Valentines Day.

Start a Toy Box – So the kids are gone, she’s in sexy lingerie, you’re watching an erotic movie, things are getting hot, get out that new orgasm inducing device you’ve researched so much about! Gently introducing toys into your sex lives is a game changer! My wife is getting more in tune with her body every time we use toys together.  I started with a basic clitoral vibrator, progressed to the luxurious Lelo Soraya, and have even surprised her with a realistic dildo to simulate a three some.  All have lead to great nights of passion, just keep in mind how you present each one to your partner.  I presented the luxury vibrator as a night of romance while I used the realistic dildo on her while she was blindfolded and in a slightly submissive mood.

Let the Coals Simmer 

After a night of hot passion, the flames have died down but the heat is still there.  After you are finished, or the next day while you are talking don’t be afraid to communicate about your previous adventure together.  Talk to each other about what you liked and didn’t like.  What are your next steps?

  • Did you like the toys, are there other types you’d like to try out?
  • What are you fantasies and can you explore them together?
  • Plan date nights or sex nights if you can
  • Don’t ever stop dating each other
  • The internet is your friend, you can research and buy anything without leaving home

The romance doesn’t start or stop on Valentine’s Day.  Make it a special time with each other, but keep the passion and fire alive.  Don’t be afraid to initiate new things, if no one will initiate, then nothing will happen.  At the same time, it’s fine to ask for a favour.  Your roles will define themselves as you choose, just keep a plan in mind of what your goals are.  If you keep each other in mind, you can keep things hot and heavy as long as you want.

Huge thanks to A Husband’s Passion for such a detailed, and loving, guest blog – feel free to check out more of his reviews and articles at

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