Unusual Valentine’s Day date ideas

Before I put off every single person who’s reading this blog, let me tell you that Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. Even those who are annoyed by the relentless relationship roulette (try saying that ten times quickly) can make the most of deals, offers, and fun events surrounding Valentine’s Day – not to mention some of the fantastic cheap deals on sex toys to stock up on!

So although this blog is about things you can do on Valentine’s Day, they’re not all limited just to couples: you can go just by yourself or with friends, or simply breathe a sigh of relief that there’s no pressure on you to do anything in particular.

Here are five cool things to do on or around Valentine’s Day.

1. Listen to people talking about vaginas

There’s a penis museum in Iceland, and there are plenty of sex museums all around the world, but where can you go to find out all about vaginas? Right now, there’s nowhere. Soon, Florence Schechter will be opening one in London. But before she does, she’s assembled an expert panel to talk at the Royal Institution about all things vagina. It’s happening on Valentine’s Day itself, from 7pm. Expect to hear about the history of the vagina in art and culture, as well as some science and a little strong language.

2. Listen to people talk about bad dates

When I tell you about this one, you’ll see why I said there’s something for singletons too: Romantic Misadventure is a regular storytelling event hosted at The Black Heart pub in Camden on February 13th – the day before Valentine’s Day. People volunteer to do a short set telling a real-life story based on their own ‘romantic misadventure’. It’s always a fun (and often cringey) look into other people’s sex and romantic lives, with plenty of laughs along the way. If you’re feeling brave, you can even put your name forward to get up on stage and tell your own story to the friendly and sympathetic crowd.

3. Find someone you like (with expert help!)

I’ve seen a lot of dating and singles events advertised in the run-up to Valentine’s Day, but this one in Manchester has a little extra twist: it’s hosted by a dating and relationship coach, who will be on hand to give you tips as you mingle with other singletons. While obviously no one can guarantee results, it might be a fun thing to try if you’ve been too shy for other dating events in the past.

4. Date yourself

I’m putting this one in here for two reasons: firstly, it gives me an excuse to shout about some of the bargain sex toys you can pick up this Valentine’s Day (and there’s no rule that says you have to buy them for someone else), and secondly because no matter how much I love my other half, the idea of spending a Valentine’s Day pampering myself is always going to be very tempting. So my suggestion for the a fun, unusual Valentine’s Day date is: date yourself! Order in a really decent takeaway, grab some brilliant sex toys (like this gorgeous jewelled butt plug or this smart cock ring or this simple-but-effective bullet vibe) and do all the things you want to do, but rarely get time for.

5. Pick a sex challenge

If you’re with someone, the V-Day equivalent of number 4 is to spend time with each other. But sometimes if you just say ‘we’ll hang out’ on Valentine’s Day, you end up watching TV or doing the same things you’d normally do. If you want to make it a bit special, decide together on a sex challenge or idea that you’ve wanted to try but haven’t managed to make time for yet. Perhaps there’s a sex position (or two, or three) that you’d like to master, or perhaps you want to use those massage candles that have been sitting in a drawer for too long. Maybe one of you wants to try out pegging, and an evening with a strap-on and some lube sounds like just the ticket for Valentine’s Day. Whatever it is, decide with your partner what you’d like to do, buy the toys you need to do it, and then you can spend the next couple of weeks looking forward to the perfect Valentine’s Day date – tailored to your specific dreams!

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