​Sex toy ads on TV: yes or no?

Given that so many people in the UK own
and use sex toys, these magical devices are surprisingly absent from
our TV viewing. Sure, you probably wouldn’t want to switch over
during kids’ teatime to see an advert for a glass dildo, but you’d
probably expect to see a bit of post-watershed programming extolling
the virtues of vibrations or the loveliness of lube.

Sex toys are pretty popular. Though you might not have long afternoon chats with your
parents about your favourite kind of masturbation sleeve, sex toys
were in fact the number one ‘kink’ listed by British people in the
British Sex Survey last year

But we’re still a little bit nervous
talking about them. And we definitely don’t see them on TV that

Still, our more liberated friends over
in Germany are luckier than us – they get adverts for actual sex
toys on the TV, meaning they can keep up to date with the trends in
pleasure technology from the comfort of their own sofa.

I visited
Germany myself last year, and was pretty surprised to see large
poster ads across Berlin for a shop called ‘Dildoking.’ Like ‘welcome
to Germany, please meet the dildo king!’ Sadly he wasn’t an actual
king wearing a crown made of dildos, it was a sex shop. But a sex shop being advertised on the street because Germans are cool like that.

Here’s a recent advert shown in Germany
by sex toy company Amorelie:

If you’re curious about the toy they’re
looking at, check out the Imtoy Piu – while not exactly what they’re using, the Piu looks like the closest equivalent we have here. It’s a vibrating masturbator: you
put it on your penis, turn it on, then basically let it do all the
work that your puny hand used to have to do all on its own. What’s more the Piu is interactive, meaning it hooks up to an app on your phone or tablet so the vibrations in the toy can match the movements in the porn you’re watching. Pretty awesome, right? Vibrating masturbators like this (or ‘guybrators’ if you’re a fan of weird portmanteau words) are soaring
in popularity as more guys start getting turned on to the joys of
penis vibrations. And I can personally attest to the fact that
they’re really fun. And by ‘really fun’ I mean ‘I have used vibrating male masturbators on
men I love and seen impressively jizztastic results.’

I loved this ad, although was slightly
bemused as to why the guys in it were sitting in bed fully clothed. I
guess it is January, and some German towns can get pretty cold. What
I liked about the ad had little to do with the content (it’s just
some people opening a box with a sex toy in, after all) and more to
do with the fact that it exists in the first place.

As a sex blogger, and someone who works
a lot with great companies like SexToys, I can tell you just how
difficult it is to spread the word about great products, because so
often there are advertising rules that say ‘no sex.’ Even when there
aren’t specific rules against it, broadcasters and magazines will
often be nervous about talking about sex toys – especially when
they’re seen as at the more ‘extreme’ or ‘taboo’ end of the spectrum.
Thanks to 50 Shades of Grey, we’re now basically fine to talk about
bondage, especially if we can throw in an ‘inner goddess’ to bite her
lip at a butt plug.

Adverts on TV, though? Where they
exist, they’re quite euphemistic, and of course only shown very late
at night.

But I think this is a crying shame.
While of course ads should be shown only later, when kids are in bed,
I do think there’s a need for more sex toy info and education in
adult spaces. Would you be up for seeing more sex toys on late night TV? Perhaps a gadget round-up show that talked you through the best toys on the market, or even just an ad or two like this one?

After all, we can only experiment with new sex toys if we
know what’s out there in the first place…


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