​Does sex help improve your memory? And give you other superpowers?

This week, Broadly reported on a study
that said it had found evidence that sex helps improve women’s
. The more sex you have, apparently, the better you are at
recalling abstract words. Is it true? My own experience would seem to
suggest otherwise: I’ve had a hell of a lot of sex, but still I’ll
have to introduce myself to you four or five times before I remember
your face.

Nevertheless, there was apparently a
positive correlation between the amount of PVI (Penile-Vaginal
Intercourse – which is what I call it during dirty talk too, if I
happen to be role-playing a sexy scientist) women had and their
recall of abstract words.

“Researchers out of McGill University
were inspired to investigate whether having a lot of sex was
associated with increased neurogenesis (or growth of nervous tissue)
in the hippocampus, thus yielding better memory performance, after
reading a slew of animal studies with similar findings. They
recruited 78 heterosexual women under the age of 30 to participate in
their study. … When researchers analyzed the memory scores against
all of the factors listed on the questionnaire, they found that PVI
frequency was positively associated with memory scores for abstract
word sensitivity scores”

As with any study like this, excitedly
reported on by journalists and eager bloggers like me, it shouldn’t
be taken as gospel. The researchers themselves are cautious about the
results, and there are lots of different reasons for why memory and
shagging may be correlated.

But I’d like it to be true. And what’s
more, I’d love it if simply having sex could help us gain new
superpowers above and beyond memory. Off the top of my head, here are
a few things I think sex does for me:

Improving coordination

It’s not always easy, you know, using
one hand to open a bottle of
lube while the other hand is focused on
massaging someone’s dick. While you can get
lubes with pump-action
dispensers to make this all easier, I like to think that all my
practice at doing this has increased my hand-eye coordination. It’s
like patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time. And
don’t get me started on
bondage – practicing knots like an eager
boy scout must surely be helping you improve your fine motor skills,
not to mention making you look pretty badass when you manage to get
them all right.

Reducing stress

There’s a lot of evidence for
this, and it’s not hard to see why: orgasms release chemicals like
dopamine and oxytocin which are associated with positive feelings.
What’s more, all the time you’re having sex you’re managing not to do
any of the stressful things in life – like washing up, replying to
that 9pm email from your line manager, or having a fight with your
mother in law.

Keeping you fit

Sex burns calories. Ignore all those
articles that say ‘sex burns 200 calories!’ or ‘sex burns more
calories than running!’ – in reality the amount of calories you burn
during sex can only depend on how active you are. But regardless of
whether you work your way through ten karma sutra positions, or swing
from the lampshades, sex is a physical activity so you’re bound to
see some benefit. Even if it’s just that you work up the appetite for
a hearty breakfast the next morning.

Sex, memory and superpowers

One of the reasons I’m drawn to studies
like the memory one mentioned above is because it seems lots of
people really want them to be true. We’d like to see an extra reason
to get naked this evening with a friend or lover, and get down to a
bit more of what we love. As if we need an excuse! While it would be
lovely if sex turned us into perfect-recall superheroes, surely we
don’t really need an excuse, do we? Sex can be fun, playful, hot, and
an excellent way to pass the time. Superpower or not, it’ll still be
my favourite hobby.

And if you still need an excuse… well, here’s a memory test: at the start of this article I asked three questions about your memory. Can you remember what they were? No? Maybe you need to have a little bit more sex. Use the code SEXTOY20 to get 20% off everything on the site, and get a head start on your new superpowers.

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