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Today I was having a rifle through the Sale section of our site when I thought I’d share some of my faves from the already burgeoning offers pages.

Choc-a-block with ridiculously slashed prices and must-haves for anyone’s kink collection, it would be criminal to not take a peek at what’s going cheap!

I also thought that for the sake of this post, S.A.L.E will mean Sexual Accessories for Lasting Ecstasy…how could you turn down our amazing offers now?!

So in no particular order, here are my top Sale pics:


‘Lust’ Tatu Vibe – Over 55% off

Only £15!


The Lust Tatu Vibe had me from the get-go with its classic original tattoo decor by artist Ray Buzzell and equally inked packaging; what with my personal interest in body art, I’m a sucker when it comes to aesthetics so would  add this to my collection more for the looks…shallow huh?

Saying that, this vibe does deliver with powerful vibrations that will rock your world!

The ‘Sin’ Tatu Vibe keeps you on your toes with multispeed vibrations and is 100% phthalate free!

In my experience a lot of smooth, sleek vibes like this are usually splash-proof but this one just gets better and better by being completely waterproof for some saucy splashtime fun in the bath or shower too!

FYI: The ‘Lust’ Tatu Vibe is PU coated ABS and compatible with waterbased lube.



Also available in ‘Sin’.








Studded Leather Wrist and Ankle Restraints – Up to 65% off!

Wrist – only £16.00!

Ankle – only £13.00!

These kinky, studded leather restraints are available separately for wrists and ankles and in a variety of stunning colours with a luxury faux fur lining for superior comfort.

I personally love the look of them, they’re very rock chic plus they’re super tough so no need to worry about your sub wriggling free! In fact, I like them so much, I might just accessorize an outfit with them! If anything, it’s the perfect way of letting a date know how you want the night to end! 😉

Fetish at its most glamorous these cuffs are adjustable to fit most sizes while the added ring allows you to attach a lead, bar or whatever you may wish to restrain or be retrained. Naughty.





Razzles Flavoured Warming Lube 4oz – Over 60% off!

Only £5!

I’m a massive fan of lube and will often recommend it to my friends if for some crazy reason they have yet to add it to their play times!

Right at the top of my lube list at the moment for their feeling and flavours are the Razzles Flavoured Warming Lube. A delicious start to anyone’s foreplay, these colourful bottles of joy will help turn your lover into a full on flavour-fest; tempting you to lick more than you did before! I’ve got such a sweet tooth, so it’s like a dream come true to take these flavours from the kitchen into the bedroom!

A lube that not only adds slide but some flavour is excellent for exploring areas perhaps not ventured before! Simply smear a small amount onto sensitive bits and then blow gently or rub to activate the tingling or warming sensation that will blow your partner away!





Karma Sutra – Over 65% off!

Only £6!


What with the Karma Sutra being the oldest guide to the pleasures of love making, it can’t be a bad thing to take on board when seeking to spice things up in the bedroom. So now that it’s on DVD, there’s no page turning to faff about with! Excellent!

This useful watch aims to guide you to lasting fulfilment, revealing all the essential elements of love making which includes the likes of ambience, seduction, arousal, body massage, kissing, oral and extended orgasm all in an incredible variety of sexual positions.

A great buy for your own collection or an even better gift, this DVD will add more positions to your sexual arsenal and allow you to re-think how you approach love-making.

Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?!


Rated 18.

FYI: 18 certificate films are different from R18 films.R18 films can only be purchased from licensed high street sex shops and cannot be purchased by mail order and contain scenes of hardcore sex including penetration. Although 18 certificate films are intended to stimulate and arouse and will contain strong sexual story lines and sex scenes they will not contain scenes of penetrative sex and are generally cut versions of the R18 film available. We are unable to accept returns on opened DVDs because they are “not hardcore enough”.


Cosmic Invader Vibe – Over 60% off!

Only £9!


Aside from the fact that purple is one of my favourite colours and anything glittery catches my eye, I added the Cosmic Invader Vibe to my Sale Pics for the simple fact that the bulbous head at the tip does an amazing job at probing the G-spot! This is something that traditionally straight vibes and dildos can’t always do.

Probing aside, add in the multi-speed vibrations and you have yourself the perfect O!

Oh yeah!

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