Our Best Selling Sexual Enhancers and Essentials

Take a look at our best selling sexual enhancers from lubricant, all the way to desensitising and delay creams.

Improve your sex life today with some of our best selling better sex enhancers!


1. Loving Joy Slide Personal Lubricant – £2.95

Loving Joy Slide Water Based LubricantThe Loving Joy Slide Personal Lubricant has a water based formula that has been designed to reduce friction between the two people that are using it. Perfect for sexual intercourse or masturbation, the Loving Joy Slide Water Based Lube comes in a 50ml squeeze tube, making dispensing this silky lubricant a breeze.

The Loving Joy Slide Personal Lubricant is non-staining, can be washed off with some water, and is also condom compatible.

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2. Lubido Water Based Personal Lubricant 250 ml – £6.95

The Lubido Water Based Lubricant features a slightly thicker texture, meaning that it tends to last longer during use. This personal lubricant is great for penetration, foreplay and also with your sex toy. It features a easy to use pump action dispenser making it easier to apply to your erogenous zones.

The Lubido Water Based Personal Lubricant is water based meaning that it can be easily washed away with water.

The Lubido Water Based Lube is also part of our 3 for £20 offer, so why not view all the products in this offer here.

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3. Pasante Regular Condoms 12 Pack – £5.95

Pasante Sensitive CondomsThe Pasante Regular Condoms are designed to fit an erect penis, and feature a non-spermicidal lubricant to reduce the chance of pregnancy. This sheath-shaped barrier device has a width of 53 mm and is made from a stretchy latex material.

Condoms are a great way to practice safe sex, so wrap up and play safe!

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 4. Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil – £12.95

The Earthly Body Edible Massage Oils are perfect for having a sensual night in with your partner! Made from a blend of 100% natural skin oils the Earthly Body Edible Massage Oils provide a slick, professional glide.

This natural massage oil can be used to lubricate and moisturise the skin, making your night in with your partner even more sensual and unforgettable!

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5. Sliquid Ride Rock Delay Spray – £12.95

The Sliquid Ride Rock Delay Spray is a desensitizing topical spray that is a great way to prolong your sexual activity. This delay spray is specifically designed to reduce sensation in the penis, and therefore causing the user to be able to perform for a longer period of time.

The Sliquid Ride Rock Delay Spray is formulated to be 100% Vegan friendly and is made using natural ingredients. The spray is fast acting and long lasting, so get training for a marathon with this delay spray!

Shop the Sliquid Ride Rock Delay Spray today for only £12.95!


6. Lubido Anal Lubricant – £7.95

The Lubido Anal-Specific Lubricant is an aloe infused water-based lubricant that is thicker than the standard Lubido Water Based Lubricant. This thicker lubricant means that it will last longer, making it perfect for anal play.

It comes in a 250 ml bottle and has an easy lock and non-spill mechanism making those intimate moments fiddle-free!


The Lubido Anal Lubricant is also part of our 3 for £20 offer, so if this tickles your fancy, why not check out all our 3 for £20 items here.

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7. Anal Douche – £5.95

This anal douche is easy to use, simply fill the bulb with water, lightly lubricate the tip, insert the tip, and then squeeze. Anal douching is a hygienic practice to clean the rectum before you indulge in some anal play.

This easy to use anal douche is reusable and comes with two removable nozzles!

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8. Zuyosa Sexual Performance Enhancer for Men 4 Pack – £19.95

These Zuyosa Sexual Performance Enhancement Pills are specifically formulated to increase his drive, arousing him, and keeping him harder for longer. Zuyosas’ name has been derived from the Japanese word for strength. These pills sure live up to that name, keeping him harder and stronger for longer.

The 4 Pack of male enhancement pills are made from MHRA approved ingredients and come in convenient and discreet packaging.

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9. Dare Anal Desensitising Cream – £6.95

The Dare Anal Desensitising Cream is a paraben and glycerine free anal cream that if great for both men and women. The fast acting desensitizing cream is formulated and manufactured in the USA.

The cream is designed to make you slightly numb, meaning that you are able to enjoy anal sex that little bit more!

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