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TENGA Hole Warmer

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TENGA Hole Warmer.

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Experience even more realistic sessions from your TENGA Onacup, Egg or Flip Hole with this warmer. Snap the disc at the bottom of the warmer, wait for it to heat up and crystallize, then slip it into your favourite male masturbator and enjoy! Discreet Japanese design and amazing ease of use make this the perfect addition to your TENGA toys. Perfect for warming the inside of any male masturbator, the TENGA Hole Warmer will reach a temperature of up to 50 degrees Celsius and remain warm for up to 20 minutes! To use: 1. Click the metal disc inside the warmer to activate. The interior liquid will harden and radiate heat. 2. Insert the heated warmer into the opening of your Onacup and warm the inside for around five minutes. 3. Before use, remove the warmer and check the temperature with your hand to make sure that it is comfortable. 4. Enjoy your new, warm, realistic male masturbator! Designed for use up to 30 times, this reusable warmer goes back to its original liquid state once you have immersed it in boiling water.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Tenga Ltd
SKU N7798
Colour White
Size (Imperial) 6"l x 1"w x 0.25"h
Size (Metric) 15l x 2.5w x 0.6h cm
Product Rating No
Material No
Feel No
Spontificate's reviewReview by Spontificate
The Tenga hole warmer is a fairly well designed toy warming device, however it does come with a few drawbacks that limit its usefulness.
It is easy to use as it just requires you to click a metal disc in the tube and wait for it to solidify, but it only ever reaches a luke warm temperature. I found that this warmth lasted for about 5 minutes as well so it was not sufficient for taking more than the chill off of a male masturbator.
I also found that it was a little too small for most of the masturbators I have, particularly a Fleshlight and some of the larger Tenga's.
Regenerating the device was easy as it only needs to be left standing in hot water (the hotter the better) for a few minutes until it becomes clear. (Posted on 03/04/2013)
mkb's reviewReview by mkb
I cannot deny the fact that this hole warmer does its job by heating up a hole relatively well and is affordable, BUT the biggest downside (and hence the 1*) is in its design where the sharp edges can and will cut your toys.

Of course, if you're using one of the Tenga disposables, then this shouldnt cause too many problems but, if you're using one of the more permanent toys, then I hope you would think twice before buying this product. (Posted on 03/04/2013)
asurik's reviewReview by asurik
Hi guys! Today I'll be reviewing the Tenga Hole Warmer.

First of all I would like to say what a clever idea I find this product to be. With the amount of male toys that Tenga make and how many of them you can use, this item on makes it a really worthwhile thing to get and the fact that it has about 30 uses in it makes it really cost-effective.

All you have to do to activate this is press a small metal disc that's floating in the clear liquid and suddenly it turns a milky white and hardens and you can feel it start to warm up. You then simply leave the heated stick inside your toy for 5-10 minutes then remove and enjoy your nicely heated toy.

The only downside that I have found to this is that although you get a warning about the temp of the toy after heating, I found that it was not as hot as I thought it would be still. It still has a nice warm feel, but maybe could do with being a little hotter! :)

Overall, I think this product is good value for money and is a nice addition to Tenga's range.

(Posted on 03/04/2013)

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