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Unusual Valentines Getaways – Sex Toy Hotels

Image of a sign that says 'sex: do not disturb'

What are the best freebies to receive when you check into a hotel? Shampoo? Chocolate on the pillow? Well, how would you feel if instead of these obvious things, you got a menu of sex toys instead? That’s right: sex toy hotels exist, and if you’re planning a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day you might […]

Weird and curious sex toys – why you should mix up your masturbation techniques

Routine isn’t always a bad thing: sometimes you just want to relax into your comfort zone. But there are other times when routine can get you down. Especially when it comes to sex and masturbation, some people worry that they might get used to the same type of stimulation, and struggle to get off on […]

Are these urban legends sex fact or fiction?

These sexy urban legends might seem too bizarre for this world, but some of them are definitely true – can you guess which? Everyone loves a good urban legend, right? When I was young I used to devour weird and wonderful stories that seemed to balance perfectly between fact and fiction – alligators looming large in […]

Warning: this blog contains a man dressed as a giant penis

Some weeks I scour the internet for ages in search of weird sex news to bring you. Other weeks, like this one, the sexy internet Gods smile upon me and deliver a plethora of unusual stories and fun sex stuff. Here are the top three… Teenagers invent a condom that detects STIs (or not) Condoms […]

Most dangerous sex in the world: we have a winner

Stop press: we’ve found someone to replace Clarkson on Top Gear. No, it’s not another comedy pub-racist, it’s this guy who got caught having sex on a motorbike. Because, you know, sometimes driving makes you horny. A couple in Goa, India, were caught on camera having full-on sex on a motorbike, while casually driving across […]

Is this the weirdest sex ever?

As a massive perv, and all-round fan of filth, one of the first things I look for in any video game is a way to make the characters have sex. Imagine how delighted I was, then, that someone’s found a way to make The Sims have what I can only describe as the weirdest sex […]

Lonely? Do more than hug your pillow at night!

We’ve all been there. Alone, in bed, with no one to hold…or kiss. Well now loneliness (and passionate snogs) are no longer an issue. No need to secure a date for the night, just add the ‘Make-Out Practice Pillow‘ for a match made in heaven! Of course, there will be some people who will want […]