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How do I masturbate to orgasm?

Dear Rebecca, I had a very strict upbringing and my parents forbade any discussion on bodies, pleasure or sex. I never learned to masturbate because I was terrified of what would happen if I got caught. Now that I don’t live at home any more, I’ve tried it, but I don’t think I’m doing it […]

The importance of touch

Touch is absolutely essential for us humans to thrive. Science has proven this over and over again, and let’s face it, we just know it intuitively anyway.We need a good regular dose of some form of touch, not necessarily sexual, in order to be healthy, grounded and sane. Positive, loving sexual touch is great if […]

The big secret about orgasms

I recently had the misfortune to read an article by a supposed sex educator that really shocked me. The author had met a woman who was telling her about her breast orgasms. The sex educator wasn’t aware that this was possible and even said that she found the idea of a woman orgasming without genital […]

Be mindful of the things you say

It’s so easy to say harsh things or be more critical of our partners when we’re tired, overworked, or stressed. Whether we’re complaining about the washing up or how they didn’t do just the right thing to turn you on, these negative comments often hit harder than they’re intended. Negative feelings and thoughts have a […]

Sexy ‘show and tell’ for adults

Remember when you were a kid and the teacher announced that you would have ‘Show and tell’ the next day? For any of you not sure what I’m on about, let me explain: We had to find an object, sometimes appropriate to a particular theme, sometimes just something special to us and bring it in […]

Have your partner begging for more…

Here’s a simple yet seductive way to get your partner to beg you to touch them, fuck them, and generally ravish them. Treat them to some sensual and erotic touch, all over their body APART from their genitals. Imagine a wide circle around their genitals that includes their lower belly, hips and tops of their […]