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Amber Davies’ 5 sex rules are pants: here are some better ones

Have you heard the news? Amber Davies, winner of 2017’s Love Island, has been giving advice to young people, who she thinks are having too much casual sex. Personally, I wasn’t aware that casual sex was a bad thing: surely it’s better than formal sex, where you have to get dressed in a full tuxedo […]

A love letter to cock rings – and some top cock ring tips!

What links New York, Poundland and Elton John’s wedding? The answer is cock rings! This often-underrated sex toy hit the headlines a little this week, as a promotional survey from a US-based company announced the top sex toys by individual state. Dildos, it seems, were the most popular sex toy overall – and there’s no […]

Erotic massage: in praise of getting slippy

If you’d asked me five years ago whether I fancied an ‘erotic massage’, I’d have probably asked if we could just get on with the sex. The idea of being rubbed all over with oil before shagging struck me as a very frustrating way to make the bedsheets messy, without any of the fun that […]

Six different ways to use a wand massager

Because imagination plus wand massagers equals never wanting to leave the house again. I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, because wand toys are my favourite thing, and there’s a misconception that they can only really be used in one way: pressed firmly against yourself for about thirty seconds until you have a […]

A romantic, sexy Valentine’s Day treat – for one!

Valentine’s Day is typically a day for lovers to declare their love for one another and offer each other chocolates, flowers and other such gifts. That’s all really lovely, but what if you are single? Or your partner isn’t interested in Valentine’s Day? True love has to start with the self so why not take […]

The Bedroom Department – Boudoir or Bombsite?

Sex, sex, sex! Everyone wants to do it, to get more, to enjoy it more, to add variety and spice, and the bedroom has to be where the majority of people have it. Whether you’re in a long term relationship, exploring with a lover for the first time or simply enjoying fun for the night, […]

Storage tips of a sex toy addict

Got a sticky mess in your bedroom? I mean your toys, obviously! If you’re tripping over wires, running out of batteries or have trouble finding and keeping your toy collection organised, you’re not alone. I have a lot of toys and if you love sex toys as much as I do, you’ll know what I’m […]

Sex tips from the British Lung Foundation

Enjoy sex but suffer with breathing difficulties? Then you might be interested in the advice being offered by the British Lung Foundation. The charity has created a new leaflet offering support to people who experience breathing problems to help them make the most of their sex lives. It points out that lung disease sufferers may […]