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Amber Davies’ 5 sex rules are pants: here are some better ones

Have you heard the news? Amber Davies, winner of 2017’s Love Island, has been giving advice to young people, who she thinks are having too much casual sex. Personally, I wasn’t aware that casual sex was a bad thing: surely it’s better than formal sex, where you have to get dressed in a full tuxedo […]

Close Shaves: Brazilians go out of fashion

In a culture so permeated and motivated by sexuality, it’s sometimes easy to forget that sexuality is driven by its own aesthetics and developments. There’s a tendency to see changes in sex as created solely by the wider culture outside of sex, as opposed to any movement from within. Before we get started, I should […]

I’m so lost and confused

Dear Rebecca, I’ve only been in two relationships in my life but I feel like they’ve each done some damage to me. One girlfriend told me that she hated hairy chests so I started shaving mine. I don’t even like it shaved. My next girlfriend told me she thought maybe I was gay or bisexual […]

“It’s not that you’re not sexy, we just don’t care!”

Like many alternative orientations, asexuality has previously been a taboo subject in our culture. However, now, along with straight, gay, or bisexual, the term asexual sits as the fourth orientation category, and describes those who experience no feelings of sexual attraction whatsoever. It’s estimated that 1% of the population consider themselves to be asexual. That’s a staggering 70 […]

Can I be ‘sexy’ and a ‘good mum’ at the same time?

Dear Rebecca, I used to be really sexually confidant and up for anything. Since becoming a mum though, I’m struggling to be my old sexy self and instead feel like I have to be a ‘good mum’. Is this normal?? Can I be both? Best wishes, Louise Dear Louise, Thank you for your email. First […]

Top sex and fertility tips this Easter

Easter – the traditional celebration of fertility! Here at Sex Toys we want to offer the best possible assistance and advice we can for a happy and fulfilling sex life. As well as being hugely enjoyable, the primary of sex is to reproduce… so if this is what you’re trying to achieve, you’ve come to the […]

The Parent Trap – Does it affect your sex life?

Children – do they mark the end of your sex life? Have you fallen into the ‘parent trap’? Many couples find that once they settle into the routine of parenthood, their sex lives experience an unfortunate, and dramatic, decline. This can be due to increased stress, less time to be intimate, interruptions from the child […]