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Kim Kardashian’s sex toys: what do celebrities keep by their bed?

Image of a sign that says 'sex: do not disturb'

I confess to not knowing much about Kim Kardashian. My knowledge of pop culture could be written in the margins of a single page of Heat Magazine, and there’d still be enough room left for a shopping list. But strangely, although I know very little about the rest of her life, I do know the […]

How to hide sex toys (if you want to)

It’s that time of year when some of you will no doubt be scouring our deals page to find the perfect present for the sexy person in your life. If you need any help choosing, our Christmas gift guide is a good place to start – I’ve picked a few excellent sex toys that will […]

Christmas gifts for the people on your ‘naughty’ list

Roll up, roll up! It’s nearly Christmas! And although I don’t have the budget of John Lewis, or the ability to cover pop songs in an achingly twee voice, I absolutely do have the ability to recommend you some top sex toys from this site which make excellent Christmas gifts. Naturally I can only cover […]

How do sex toys work? Vibrations, motors and more!

Picture of lots of small brass cogs

I’m enjoying going back to the basics on some of these sex toy questions. Regular readers will remember that my current mission is to answer some of the most frequently asked sex toy questions that people type into Google. Questions like ‘is it a sin to use sex toys?’ and ‘how do you use sex […]

Handmade and custom sex toys: personalise your pleasure

Custom sex toys are becoming more popular – and I’m not talking about DIY sex toys that you make at home, those can be really dangerous so steer clear unless you really know your stuff! I’m talking about custom made dildos, butt plugs and other products that you can request with your own special twist. […]

Is it a sin to use sex toys? The history of sex toys and Christianity

One of the most interesting things about blogging for sex toy companies is you get to find out the sort of things people search for when they’re looking for information about their sex lives. I’m constantly fascinated by the questions people ask Google – and in my time I’ve tackled everything from ‘is it OK […]

When sex toys are illegal: Texas, Alabama and more

Image of police tape which says 'police line do not cross'

One of the cool things about working with a sex toy company is that you get to learn about some strange and intriguing laws. Like laws in certain US states which criminalise – yes, you heard that right – the sale of sex toys. In the UK, we’re lucky in that sex toys are legal […]

Anal Beads FAQ’s

Loving Joy Triple Ripple Pink Anal Beads

Question Time: Anal Beads What Are Anal Beads Anal beads supply something other butt toys can’t. They let you start little with “just the suggestion” and work your way approximately to a more extensive, fuller experience all in one sex toy. Great for newbies and anal play specialists alike, anal beads feel different from other […]

Unusual Valentines Getaways – Sex Toy Hotels

Image of a sign that says 'sex: do not disturb'

What are the best freebies to receive when you check into a hotel? Shampoo? Chocolate on the pillow? Well, how would you feel if instead of these obvious things, you got a menu of sex toys instead? That’s right: sex toy hotels exist, and if you’re planning a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day you might […]

Sexual positioning equipment for when you’re… umm… ‘sweeping the special chimney’

How often do you bump uglies? Perhaps more importantly, how likely is it that the phrase ‘bump uglies’ has turned you off so hard that you’re going to struggle to ever get turned on again? This week, in lamenting the things that can get in the way of a good sex life, a Times journalist […]