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Couples counselling: can it help with your sex life?

What exactly happens in couples counselling? And how can couples counselling help with your sex life? If you’ve ever been curious about it, I hope I can answer a few of your questions here, as well as give you some top tips that I learned from couples counselling myself. Consider this an FAQ with some […]

Different libidos: discussing desire in long-term relationships

How do you solve a problem like different libidos? What happens if your partner wants more sexual activity than you do, or vice versa? The first thing to recognise is that this isn’t an uncommon problem! It would be very rare indeed for any couple to match perfectly in terms of the exact amount of […]

Spontaneous sex tips: how to inject more excitement into your sex life

People on a rollercoaster

It’s hard – and by that I mean ‘almost impossible’ – not to fall into a routine when it comes to your sex life. If you’re living with the same person for a long time, you tend to get into patterns. Some of those patterns are enjoyable – they’re the natural by-product of feeling comfortable […]

Sexual communication: non-awkward ways to talk about your needs and desires

Fountain pen drawing picture of heart in notebook

We can’t all be Casanova, so for many of us sexual communication can be tricky. One of the most frequently asked questions to advice columnists – and sex bloggers like myself – is how people can initiate sex more often in their relationships. Sometimes they want to know how to deal with a mismatched libido, […]

Snogging, flirting, porn: what exactly ‘counts’ as cheating?

What counts as ‘cheating’ to you and your partner? The definition is going to depend on the kind of relationship you have, and what your agreed boundaries are (if you have any!). But thanks to results of a survey this week released by relationship counselling charity Relate, we can have a dig into what other […]

10 things you need in your bedroom now it’s summer

Yep, we’re calling it: it’s officially summer. So here are 10 essential items to keep in your bedroom to help you stay cool – even while you’re getting hot and steamy. Summer sex is like Marmite: some people love it, other people want nothing to do with it. Summer sex makes you sweatier than Santa Claus […]

Channel 4’s Sex Box: what would you learn?

When Channel 4 first announced that they’d get couples to have sex on live telly, this was definitely not what I thought would happen… If you’ve never watched Channel 4’s Sex Box, then you need to tune in. Even if you only watch once then decide it’s not for you, the format and aim of […]

The Great British Sex Survey – what did you think?

The results are in for Channel 4’s Great British Sex Survey. I’m here to give you the lowdown on some of the top fetishes listed in the programme – and where to buy the kit! Did you watch the Great British Sex Survey last week? If not, it’s worth watching the show on catch-up to see […]

Which type of condom should you buy?

Not sure whether to go for ribbed, dotted, or standard condoms? We’ve got you covered. From the first time someone donned a sheepskin condom right up to last night, when lovers across the world ripped open foil packets and got down to it, humans have had a mixed relationship with condoms. On the one hand: […]

Which are the best rooms in the house to have sex in?

Sometimes you simply can’t wait to get to the bedroom before you tear each other’s clothes off. That’s why I’m unsurprised by the results of this sex survey. But are there stranger places to have sex…? I had to laugh at this sex survey news story: “A recent survey designed to discover what we get […]